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Being able to better describe your products is an easy way to increase unassisted sales in your WooCommerce store. Managed WooCommerce Hosting provides you with the Easy Custom WooCommerce Tabs plugin by Yikes. This gives you the ability to create multiple custom product tabs to accurately describe your products. The plugin even allows you to insert html or shortcodes to further highlight your products.

Let’s use the Easy Custom WooCommerce Tabs plugin to add custom tabs to your products!

  1. Login to your store, and navigate to Product data > Custom Tabs:

Product data > Custom Tabs

2. Click on Add a Tab:

Add a Tab

3. Add a title for the tab, and a description for it in the text box below the title. Click on Save Tabs:

Save Tabs

4. View the product page on the front-end of the site; the new custom tab will be there.

custom tab

5. Add multiple tabs to a single product by following the instructions above as many times as needed. 

Add multiple tabs
6. Click the up and down arrows to change the tab order and organize your tabs.

Find more information at the link below.

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

Make More Online Sales by Speeding Up Your WooCommerce Store

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