How To Bulk Delete Pending Payment Orders from Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Reading Time: 2 minutes There may be times when bulk deleting orders becomes necessary, such as orders which have been moved to the trash, or orders with the status of payment pending on a store. Deleting orders from wp-admin can be a slow, tedious process, even if you increase the number of orders that load at one time from [ Read More ]

Using Glew on Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to online purchases, store owners regularly live without the data they need. Now that you have Google Analytics set up, Managed WooCommerce Hosting further solves that problem for you by integrating with it via partnership with Glew helps you make the most out of the data you collect, so you can make [ Read More ]

Setting up Google Analytics Integration with Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Reading Time: 1 minute Data is critical for store owners and Google Analytics is the standard for eCommerce. Integrating Google Analytics with your site can often be time consuming or difficult for some, but we’ve solved that for you in with our Managed WooCommerce Hosting product utilizing the WP Disable. You can link referrals to purchases, add transaction information [ Read More ]

Using Jilt with Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Reading Time: 1 minute All online store owners face potential lost revenue due to cart abandonment. We are very proud to offer Jilt integration with Managed WooCommerce Hosting as a way to address this problem, and we believe it will increase your store conversions and help you bring in more revenue. With Jilt, you can send personalized recovery emails [ Read More ]

Using Beaver Builder with Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Reading Time: 2 minutes More than 500,000 sites have been designed and built with Beaver Builder. Each site looks unique and more importantly, the code used is lightweight, which means your store will load quickly while looking great. Managed WooCommerce Hosting includes Beaver Builder at no charge as part of our commitment to helping you grow your store. The [ Read More ]

Using PDF Invoices with Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Reading Time: 1 minute Over 100,000 sites run the WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin. We knew this was the best way to attach PDF invoices to every order, so we’ve made sure it’s available to everyone using Managed WooCommerce Hosting. With the WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Packing Slips plugin, you can: Fully customize the look and feel [ Read More ]

Using Pretty Links with Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Reading Time: 1 minute Long, wordy links can make it difficult for you to share products in a way that is easy to remember and looks good in promotional material. To help, we’ve provided the Pretty Links plugin with your Managed WooCommerce Hosting so you can easily create short links for all your products. These short and pretty links make [ Read More ]

Setting up Custom Product Tabs with Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Reading Time: 1 minute Being able to better describe your products is an easy way to increase unassisted sales in your WooCommerce store. Managed WooCommerce Hosting provides you with the Easy Custom WooCommerce Tabs plugin by Yikes. This gives you the ability to create multiple custom product tabs to accurately describe your products. The plugin even allows you to insert html [ Read More ]

How to Migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce

Reading Time: 3 minutes Shopify is a hosted e-commerce platform which can make setting up a store easy for most customers. Unfortunately, Shopify can get expensive when you need to scale up, plus there is a cost per transaction for each order. WooCommerce is an open plugin which can be installed on your existing WordPress site which, along with [ Read More ]