Running SQL Queries on a Database with phpMyAdmin

Reading Time: < 1 minute


  1. This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to phpMyAdmin. Now let’s learn how to run SQL queries on a database.phpma-query-frame02_1
  2. Click the database table you wish to run a SQL query on.phpma-query-frame03_1
  3. Click the SQL button here.phpma-query-frame05_1
  4. Then type your SQL command. Click Go when finished.phpma-query-frame06_1
  5. In this case, we’re going to delete the address field from the details table using the command:ALTER TABLE details DROP COLUMN address;
  6. That’s it! The SQL command is executed when you click Go. Let’s go take a look.
  7. The address field is no longer in our details table.phpma-query-frame09_1
  8. You can also click the SQL button directly from the table view. Doing so presents a SQL query window that is partially filled in.phpma-query-frame10_1


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