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Rackco Customer FAQ

Posted on by Liquid Web
Category: Other | Tags: Migration, Rackco
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The Liquid Web Family of Brands has been a leader in hosting for over 25 years and is home to three brands:

What does the Liquid Web Family of Brand provide?

  • Five geographically diverse data centers serving 30,000 customers globally.
  • Certified technicians are available 24/7/365, ready to assist you however you want – phone, chat, or online.
  • The best customer service in the web hosting industry. We are incredibly proud of our industry-leading customer satisfaction scores as measured by our six-month average Net Promoter Score of 69 – among the most loved brands in the world.  
  • Experienced leadership and sound financial backing from one of the world's most respected private equity firms – Madison Dearborn Partners.

What can the Liquid Web Family of Brands do for you?

  • A proven portfolio of managed hosting, cloud services, and software means we have a product for your project and the expertise to determine your best solution.
  • Our highly trained experts help ensure you have the security, speed, and reliability you need.
  • Our nearly 600 employees provide the high-touch, human support you can count on.
  • We’re committed to evolving our service offerings to meet your ever-changing needs.
  • We’ll work to earn your trust and loyalty 24/7/365.
  • It’s why our brands lead the industry in customer loyalty, and we’re proud to continue to be ranked among the World’s Most Loved Brands.

Will my hosting price increase?
We will make every effort to match services at similar or improved pricing. In addition, we will move those with usage-based Cloud Services to a flat rate that matches your average utilization. This will simplify billing and allow you to better forecast your hosting costs going forward. 

Will my existing services change?

We will strive to keep services on similar or enhanced platforms, depending on the current technology you use. Most hosting types will move to cloud-based platforms with comparable features on Liquid Web. Check out the complete list of our Solutions and Services.

Will my IP addresses change?

Because of the technology used during the migration, yes, IP addresses will need to be updated at your nameservers. We will guide you through the necessary changes if and when the time comes to do so. DNS for domains controlled by Rackco directly will be updated by the migration team at the appropriate time.

Whom do I contact for support?

You will soon be contacted with details on your specific server upgrade to the combined platform. Once your server is upgraded, you may contact Liquid Web 24/7/365 by telephone, live chat, or email. Before your upgrade, you will continue using current Rackco support channels.

How do I pay my bill and manage my account?

You will soon be able to view your online billing and support account. You’ll be receiving more information on this, along with comprehensive instructions, in the very near future through an individualized ticket. Until the migration is complete, you will continue to pay for your server as you always have.

It will be important to confirm your payment information is correct after the migration is completed, to ensure it has transferred correctly.

What changes in Billing?

Liquid Web billing terms, payment options, and invoice dates will differ slightly from Rackco. However, you will find they are typical within the hosting industry. A few things to note:

  • Usage-based customers will be moved to a flat monthly fee, creating a much more predictable billing experience. 
  • Liquid Web does not offer biennial billing, so those on a biennial payment cycle will be moved to annual.
  • The bill date for your next service period should be the same as it is today. However, if we do have to change your billing date, we will keep it as close to your original date as possible and prorate your bill.
  • Customers using PayPal subscriptions will need to sign up for PayPal recurring payments.

How do I order new or additional services?

We’ll be working with you to choose the best solution before beginning the migration. If you need to upgrade or order new services beyond those you already have, please contact the Sales Team and let our Solutions Advisors know that you are being migrated from Rackco. 

Will my sites be migrated to a new location? If so, what are you doing to ensure a smooth transition?

Your data will be cloned from its existing location to one of our data centers here in Michigan by a trained and dedicated migration team, including members of the Rackco support team. The types of data we can collect depends on the access level available at the source host, but in general, we will be able to completely copy your website and its supporting databases and configuration, as well as collect information on 3rd party programs supporting those websites. You may experience a small amount of downtime during a maintenance window we will provide you, and this will be communicated and scheduled well in advance.

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