Logging into Plesk

Reading Time: < 1 minuteOne of the common questions new users have when they get a fully managed dedicated server is “How do I log in to my control panel?” This article will show you how to login to your Plesk control panel. cPanel’s users should check out the article on logging into cPanel. To log into Plesk, just point your browser to the following address: https://ipaddress:8443 Replace the IP address with the IP address of your server. Your browser will load a page like the following: From there, just put in your Plesk username and password and click “Log In”. For users who are used to cPanel, Plesk does not have separate logins for domain level and server level control panels; everything is done through one login screen. Logging into Plesk is that simple. If you have questions or run into any trouble while logging into Plesk, please contact Heroic Support. We will be more than happy to assist. === Liquid Web’s Heroic Support is always available to assist customers with this or any other issue. If you need our assistance please contact us: Toll Free 1.800.580.4985 International 517.322.0434 support@liquidweb.com https://manage.liquidweb.com/
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