How to Install the WHMCS Plugin for Reseller Accounts

Installation of the WHMCS Plugin that is available for the participants in the Liquid Web Reseller Hosting Program is a rather straightforward process. This article will go over the steps required to install and set up the plugin. If you are not comfortable with this process, please feel free to contact our Heroic Support team!

Create an API User

Create an API user in the Liquid Web, or Storm on Demand management interface. Be sure to create a user that has a unique and strong password. This should be different from any other passwords that you use for your account.

Download and Install the Plugin
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Download the plugin zip file in your root WHMCS directory. The directory might not be the same for everyone, but an example of how to do this would be:

Via SSH (command line) on the server…

cd /home/$WHMCSUSER/public_html/WHMCS/
cd LiquidWeb-WHMCS-Plugin-master/
rsync -avH includes/ ../includes/
rsync -avH modules/ ../modules/

You can also use FTP to upload the file, or use the cPanel File Manager if you wish. Regardless of the upload method you will need to unzip the file using the command from above.

 Activate the Storm Billing Addon
  • Click on the Setup tab near the top of the page
  • Select the “Addon Modules” option
  • Once the list has loaded, find the “Storm Billing” add on and click “activate”
  • To give this module the correct permissions,click on the “configure” button and then select “Full Administrator” in the “Access Control” section and then click ” Save Changes”

At this point, you should be able to start setting up packages and products within WHMCS.

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