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To maximize the security of your data and fully adhere to strict PCI guidelines, Liquid Web does not store your credit card data in our system. Instead, we utilize a token-based system via our credit card processor — an industry-standard system designed to ensure that your sensitive information is protected by the strictest security measures possible.

While this is a transparent change, it also is universal: Our in-house billing department has zero knowledge of your full account payment details and, as such, we no longer will be able to update any credit card information on your behalf. This does not affect our ability to take one-time payments over the phone, but it does mean that we will no longer be able to save that payment information for future use.

To update your credit card information or make a one-time payment with a different card, you will need to log into and follow the steps below. If you’re unable to do so yourself, or prefer billing handled by another individual in your organization, you can easily add an authorized user to your account in Manage, or assign the necessary role to an existing Manage account user. To update payment information or make a one-time payment via another card, the desired user (new or existing) will need to be assigned the Manage Invoices role.

Note: While you still can call in to make a one-time payment via phone, we will not be able to store that payment method information or update your existing card on file for future payments. That can only be done in Manage by an authorized user on your account to whom you’ve assigned the Manage Invoices role or by the account holder.

Updating your Credit Card

In, click on the Account tab on the top right in the menu to load the Account page.

From there, click the blue Billing Center link above settings to edit your payment method.

Once you’ve clicked the link, click the UPDATE PAYMENT METHOD link, which will allow you to select a payment method:

Next, select your desired payment method and click the Save Billing Settings button. If you’ve selected a credit card option, a popup form will appear where you can enter the card details. After the information is entered, simply click the Save button to save your changes.

Making a One-Time Payment

To make a one-time payment with a different card, click the MAKE A PAYMENT link in your Account Summary and then click the Make a one-time credit card payment link in the pop up window. You’ll be taken to the payment method form shown above.

For security purposes, you are allowed three credit card switches per account per month.

Changing Your Payment Method

You can change your active method of payment at any time by clicking the blue EDIT link next to Billing Information.

Please note that when you change your active payment method from Credit Card to PayPal, the existing credit card information is deleted from our payment processor’s system. If you wish to switch back to a credit card in the future, you’ll need to add the card again.

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