How to Stop and Disable Firewalld on Fedora 22

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Please note that this article is considered legacy documentation because Fedora 22 has reached its end-of-life support.
It is highly recommended that you have another firewall protecting your network or server before, or immediately after, disabling firewalld.

Pre-Flight Check

  • These instructions are intended specifically for stopping and disabling firewalld on Fedora 22.
  • I’ll be working from a Liquid Web Self Managed Fedora 22 server, and I’ll be logged in as root.
There are a few cases where disabling a firewall may be useful: perhaps for troubleshooting, switching to a new firewall, etc. We do not recommended running a server without a firewall! If you must temporarily stop and disable firewalld on Fedora 22, then follow the instructions below.

Disable Firewalld

To disable firewalld, which prevents it from starting at boot, run the following command as root: systemctl disable firewalld

Stop Firewalld

To temporarily stop firewalld, run the following command as root: systemctl stop firewalld

Check the Status of Firewalld

To check the status of firewalld, run the following command as root: systemctl status firewalld
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