How to Resize a Server

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Upgrading your Storm® server is a simple process, and can be done in just a few satisfying clicks. Upgrades are a necessity. You work hard on your blog, or ecommerce store, and the traffic grows! Once you’ve optimized your WordPress site or Magento store, reward yourself with an easy upgrade process and increase the available resources to your Storm® by following the steps below. This process can be followed for Storm® VPS or Storm® Dedicated servers.

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  • These instructions are intended specifically for resizing your Storm® server.

Step #1: Login to Manage; Select the Server to Upgrade

Once you’ve logged into Manage you’ll be presented with a screen similar to the one below. It will list your servers and other services by hostname:

How to Upgrade Your VPS

In this case I want to upgrade the VPS whose Server Name (hostname) starts with centos7core.thebestfaked… which, as you can see under the column Type, is a 2GB VPS. Check the box in the Status column to select that server:

How to Upgrade Your VPS

Step #2: Select New Server Size

At the top of the page, in the Server Overview row, you now have the option to Resize your VPS. Click Resize!

How to Upgrade Your VPS

The next screen includes your upgrade options. In this case, I can downgrade to a 1GB VPS, which I definitely do not want to do, or I can upgrade to a 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or 96GB VPS, which would all be excellent options. Today, however, I actually want to upgrade to a Storm® SSD VPS. Click on Storm® SSD!

How to Upgrade Your VPS

Note: The primary difference between a Storm® VPS and a Storm® SSD VPS is the disk type that supports the VPS. In the case of Storm® VPS the disk on which all data is stored is SAS, while with Storm® SSD VPS the disk on which all data is stored is SSD. SSDs are higher performance than SAS.

Step #3: Resize the Server

I want the 6GB Storm® SSD VPS. I’ve selected it, and now I am going to click Next.

How to Upgrade Your VPS

Before the upgrade/resize starts you’ll receive a Request Confirmation pop-up dialogue box. Read through the note, and verify that you’ve selected the right server, and the right server size. Then click Resize Server to begin the upgrade process!

How to Upgrade Your VPS

That’s it! Now just sit back while Storm® upgrades your server!

The time an upgrade will take can vary based on how busy the server is, how much data there is on the server, etc. In your Storm® Management interface you will see Notifications in the sidebar that will keep you informed regarding the upgrade’s status!

How to Upgrade Your VPS

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