How To Back up Your Website in cPanel

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  1. This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to cPanel, and are starting on the home screen.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--01
  2. Now let’s learn how to backup our website.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--02
  3. Click the “Backup Wizard” icon.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--03
  4. This is the main backup screen where you can backup, or restore the files in your hosting account.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--04
  5. To backup your website, click the “Backup” button.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--05
  6. You have the option of only backing up part of your account …cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--06
  7. … or generating a full backup, which we’ll do now. Click the “Full Backup” button.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--07
  8. Select the destination, then click “Generate Backup”.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--08
  9. That’s it! We’ve just created a full backup to the home directory.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--09
  10. To download a copy of the backup to your computer, simply click its link. That’s all there is to it!cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--10
  11. Restoring files is just as easy. Click the “Backup Wizard” icon again.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--11
  12. Then click the “Restore” button.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--12
  13. Choose what type of restore you want to do… in this case, let’s restore the “Home Directory”.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--13
  14. Locate the Home Directory backup…cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--14
  15. Then click “Upload”.cpanel-paperlantern-15-backups--15
  16. The files have been restored!


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