Going Live With Your Site in Managed WordPress Portal

Note: The instructions in this tutorial are for the Managed WordPress portal client, these instructions do not apply if you have a Liquid Web WordPress Server Optimized Template account.

Going live with your site is the last step in the process of migrating your WordPress sites into Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress portal. These instructions are for domains registered at Liquid Web, if your domain is registered with someone other than Liquid Web, see our DNS Tutorials for instructions to update the DNS for other domain registrars.

Step #1: Create DNS Record

  1. Log into your Liquid Web account.
  2. Click on Domains to open the domain page. 
  3. Select the DNS tab to open your DNS management screen. 
  4. Click on the [+] to expand the DNS records for that domain. 
  5. Once the DNS records are open, you will need to add an A Record to point your WordPress site to the correct domain.
  6. Click Add New Record to create a new A Record for your site. 
  7. Enter the domain name, TTL of 3600, select A for the record Type from the drop down menu. 
    For this tutorial, I am leaving the domain name empty, as I want the A record to apply to the entire lwtrainingmwp.com domain name. For more information on what information goes into your A Record, see our article DNS Record Types.


  8. The IP address to add to the A Record can be found in your Managed WordPress portal on the home page. Click Copy to copy the IP address from your dashboard. 
  9. Paste the IP address into the A Record for your domain. 
  10. Click the green check mark to create the A Record.
  11. The A Record will appear in your DNS zone list. 

Step #2: Change Your Domain

  1. Once the A Record is created, go back to your Managed WordPress Dashboard site home page. 
  2. Change the Primary Domain to the domain you want to use for the site and click Update
  3. When you click on the site link under Domain at the top of the page, your site will open and is now live. 
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