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Every modern HDD or SDD has an option to monitor its current status and health via SMART attributes. The SMART test can be performed to detect any potential problems with the hardware itself. Tests such as these are run using smartctl. According to the Linux man page, smartctl is a command line utility designed to perform SMART tasks. Examples of these tasks would be printing error logs or enabling and disabling automatic SMART testing. 

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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, website owners must ensure their online presence remains competitive and relevant. One of the most significant innovations of modern times in headlines around the world is artificial intelligence (AI). We will a take a deep dive into the realm of AI for beginners in this thorough introduction, dispelling some common misconceptions and examining the ramifications for website owners.

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Virtual Desktop Environment — Configuring Kasm Workspaces

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What are Kasm Workspaces?

Kasm Workspaces is a container streaming platform popularly used in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions to deliver browser, desktop, and application workloads to web browsers. Users can access container applications or the entire operating system through a standard browser with full user interface support, which make a virtual desktop environment. Kasm handles authentication, container orchestration, logging, and more. Common use cases are Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Remote Access Services (RAS), and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) collections.

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In the modern era, bad actors on the internet are more sophisticated than ever. We must do everything possible to make sure that the security of your websites and email systems is at peak performance. Checks of SPF records and DKIM records are a big part of that security. If they have been set up correctly, you can be assured of safe communication through the internet.

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When creating a new installation WordPress site using the WP Toolkit in cPanel or Plesk, the PHP memory will be 32MB by default. WordPress's default recommended PHP memory limit should be at least 128MB. If your active plugins need more PHP memory, then the other recommended PHP memory change would be 256MB or 521MB and increase to those higher PHP memory levels. 

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What is the WP Toolkit?

The WP Toolkit is a set of solid features that can be used directly from your site's cPanel or Plesk control panel for your WordPress site. The WP Toolkit includes many valuable features, making updating plugins, themes, and WordPress core easily secures your WordPress website. You can also run a security scan on your site, and plugin vulnerabilities can be easily found. 

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Discourse is open source software for community discussion. An example would be if you wanted to add a place for community discussion for a company. Many well-known companies use Discourse for their community, such as Atlassian, Figma, Asana, New Relic, and Cloudflare.

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