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Author: Kyle Johnson

Senior Developer @GiveWP (@LiquidWeb), formerly @NinjaForms. Afternoons are spent with my wife wrangling JSON, a black lab.

PHP 7 vs PHP 8: A Comparison

Posted on by Kyle Johnson | Updated:
Category: Other | Tags: Comparison, PHP, PHP8
Reading Time: 4 minutes

The team behind the release of PHP 8 boasts in their announcement of better performance, better syntax, and improved type safety. PHP 8 is faster than PHP 7, the syntax requires less code, and typing is better supported. These three improvement categories provide a powerful major version release of PHP.

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How to Use React Spring

Posted on by Kyle Johnson | Updated:
Reading Time: 4 minutes

What is React Spring?

React Spring is an animation library that simplifies user interface (UI) animations. The animations have a natural look and feel due to their reliance on spring physics.

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How to Use Material-UI in React

Posted on by Kyle Johnson
Category: Other | Tags: Material-UI, React
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Material-UI is a library of components written in React for building user interfaces. Originally developed to unify the React framework (Facebook) and the Material Design system (Google), the library for Material-UI in React is maintained by an independent company of core developers, supported by community contributors.

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