Author: Jennifer Walsh

Jennifer is a former Managed Applications Technical Support Specialist III at Liquid Web with a background in Information Security and System Administration. Her passions are her family, dogs (Penny and Rose), educating anyone on information security, and her ninja 650.

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On our Managed Wordpress hosting platform, we strive to ensure security with regularly scheduled patches and updates. By utilizing our intrusion prevention software, we mitigate malicious activity and block repeated failed logins for your Wordpress admin portal. Furthermore, our web-application firewall, restricts unneeded ports along with custom rules to help protect you on the application level. We take care of the administration work so you can spend more time securing your site. Below our Managed Wordpress admins share tested (and trusted) implementations to keep your site locked up tight.

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An Introduction to Firewalls

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What is a firewall?

A firewall is a protective layer for your server that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic. It uses a set of rules to determine to allow or block specific network traffic. Firewalls can prevent unauthorized use before reaching your servers. Firewalls can be hardware or software based. In network security, the first line of defense that should always be used is a firewall.

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