Installing Libreoffice on Ubuntu 16.04

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you are looking to collaborate with your coworkers or employees and create and share documents on your Ubuntu server without taking up space on your local computer system, LibreOffice is the perfect tool for you. Formerly known as OpenOffice (based on StarOffice) this tool has evolved largely from the vast community of developers that contribute to its success daily. This powerful tool is currently in use by millions around the world as a free and open source alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite of tools.

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Change Primary Domain in WHM

Reading Time: 4 minutes

If you use multiple aliases ( previously called parked domains) within a cPanel account, you may find yourself wanting to change the main domain used for the cPanel account containing these domains. Changing the primary domain is desirable for multiple reasons and many times occurs when the site in use switches from one TLD to another (i.e., .net to .com). You may desire to change this if the name of your company or site Continue reading “Change Primary Domain in WHM”