Author: Dominic Nixon

Dominic is a Solution Architect for Liquid Web. As a Solutions Architect, he uses his past experiences and expertise to help clients make core architectural changes to their hosting to achieve their long-term planning and business goals. He has a Bachelor's degree in Cyber Security, and in his free time, he loves being outdoors or chilling with his dog, Ella.

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One of the most common questions a Solution Architect receives that has only increased over the years is, what is Zero Trust security? This article sets out to answer this and another critical question, why is Zero Trust important in today's interconnected world?

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What is PyCharm?

PyCharm is a widely used IDE or integrated development environment for Python, which can run on Windows, Linux, or macOS. This cross-platform, application, combined with its being open-source, has caused PyCharm to be one of the fastest-growing IDEs since its development in 2010. PyCharm comes in two flavors: community edition or professional. 

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Windows roles provide a method to define the utilization types a server has available. These roles are necessary to properly utilize a server for the desired use cases, whether it is to be simply a file server, a print server, or a web server. Typically to act in a specific type of role, a server may require additional features that need to be installed in order to best perform that role. The number of roles available on a Windows Server has grown to the point where the Microsoft Windows' help pages have gone from reporting what limited roles are deployable, to listing only non-incorporated roles

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