Adding a Domain Alias in Cloud Sites

A domain alias is an alternate name for a website. A common use for domain aliases is so and show the same information. It’s easy to set up domain aliases in Cloud Sites.

When setting up domain aliases in Cloud Sites, remember the alias you create will show the same content as the website where you set up the alias.

  1. Log into the Cloud Sites control panel.
  2. Click on the name of the website where you want to add an alias.
  3. Scroll down to Alias and click to expand the Alias section.
  4. Click the Create Alias button.
  5. Type the domain or subdomain that you want to mirror the website’s content. Then, click Create New Alias.
  6. Now, you’ll need to edit the DNS CNAME record of the alias domain so the site will properly resolve. If your DNS is hosted at Liquid Web, you can edit the DNS in your Liquid Web account. If your DNS is hosted elsewhere, you’ll have to edit the CNAME record wherever your DNS is hosted. The alias domain’s IP needs to match the IP of your main website.

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