High Availability/High Performance Comparison

Business moves at the speed of light, and if your site or app goes down, it affects your bottom line. At Liquid Web, we work with clients every day to design hosting solutions that minimize the possibility of downtime caused by hardware failure or high server load.

Let’s work together to build a solution that best fits your business needs, and get peace of mind that your infrastructure will be online and available to keep your business running.

Minimize Downtime Caused by Hardware Failures


Hardware Failure

When a critical piece of hardware in your server stops working, your site or app will experience downtime.


High Availability Solution

A High Availability (HA) solution uses redundant servers & file replication, thus minimizing risk of a hardware failure taking down your business.

Use Cases

Mission-Critical Sites/Apps (i.e. eCommerce) looking to prevent downtime from hardware failures.

Keep Your Site or App Online, Even Under High Traffic Load


High Server Load

If your site experiences large amounts of traffic, or has high resource usage, latency and downtime can occur.


High Performance Solution

A High Performance solution uses a load balancer, redundant servers, and file replication to distribute load across servers instead of bogging down a single machine.

Use Cases

Mission-Critical Sites/Apps (i.e. eCommerce) that undergo heavy front-end load, or need the ability for quick horizontal scaling.

Seeking Both High Availability & High Performance?

Our solutions architects design solutions fit for your individual business needs. We specialize in creating custom hosting solutions for simple websites to highly complex applications. Let our team do the heavy lifting, and focus on what's important to you: growing your business