“cPanel is such a timesaver” | Your Design Online Gains Huge Efficiencies Building Apps and WordPress Sites with Liquid Web, Featuring cPanel

I would recommend Liquid Web to other businesses because we’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them. I like that they are always looking to improve and to provide good service. No matter what the configuration may be, no matter what the software that’s running on it, Liquid Web has always been able to help us.



The Pain Point for Your Design Online

Your Design Online specializes in content management systems and building applications that help businesses or organizations. Many of their clients have WordPress sites, e-commerce or HR applications … all of which are easily managed through cPanel, an interface that allows users to manage their website by pointing and clicking, as opposed to dealing with code. Your Design Online’s current web host didn’t offer cPanel and this was a big issue -- as valuable hours were wasted by continually contacting the hosting agency for less than stellar support needed for even the simplest of changes. Any time Riggs wanted to add an account to his server, or needed to make any general change, he had to go through the painful process of contacting support, creating a ticket or calling in, and then having to wait for answers. Even to do something simple like set up a WordPress site, one of the simplest things to do on a cPanel server, could take one to three hours for Your Design Online to get to the support ticket.

How Liquid Web Helped

To the host who didn’t offer support and cPanel: See ya! Moving to Liquid Web allowed Your Design Online to host clients’ sites on servers that were not only cPanel-optimized, but also came with 24/7/365 support that would save time while setting up his client sites. “Liquid Web hosting is more flexible with cPanel,” he explained. “It is such a timesaver for us to be able to access cPanel. We can setup the WordPress site ourselves in about 15 minutes, without getting technical support involved. With Liquid Web, we are able to have our lower level employees perform functions necessary to running our business. We can quickly create new accounts or load and set up CMS applications.”

The blueprint for superior support: The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting.

Looking back on the company’s early choices, Riggs said he had initially chosen his other hosting company because of their advertising slogan about support, but he has found that Liquid Web provides better support. “If the first person we talk with is not able to support us on chat, we get passed on to someone who can help us,” Riggs explained of his experience with Liquid Web support. “You’re always going to have issues pop up but we know we always have someone at Liquid Web who can help us through those issues. Plus the issues that we’ve had haven’t been as difficult as what we’ve seen with other hosting companies. We have probably worked with 20 other reputable hosting companies that have failed to meet our demands.”

Draw your own conclusions.

Many of Your Design Online clients have WordPress sites, e-commerce or HR applications … all of which are easily managed through cPanel. Riggs’ many positive experiences with Liquid Web has made him a proud advocate, and you can be too. Find out more about all the web hosting benefits that can save you time and money when you choose Liquid Web.

Blueprint for success: Liquid Web helps speed site setup and save time by:

  • Enabling a WordPress site to be set up in minutes through CPanel
  • Eliminating complexity to create new accounts or load and set up CMS applications
  • Providing expertise to help ensure sites are HIPAA and PCI compliant
  • Offering variety of ways (online, phone, email) to get technical support to save time and efficiency