“Support you’d expect [if you were] CEO of a large established company” | Tucknologies Taps Liquid Web to Mitigate Cyber Attacks for Phone Apps

When your servers are getting hammered by a security attack, then your customers start calling you saying ‘my site is down’. After talking to knowledgeable tech support, you can give your clients answers that have some authority. The Liquid Web technicians are crucial.


The Pain Moment for Tucknologies

Tucknologies Founder Craig Tucker helps developers create a host of smartphone apps and a flexible data visualization platform. Their data visualization platform lets them create custom dashboards that display graphs to track sales, web traffic, and other crucial business information. While all of these complex applications require powerful development, production, database, and web servers - they also require protection from frequent malware and DDoS attacks. The frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks on Tucknologies were threatening to have severe consequences for the business. For example, if one such attack was not mitigated for a banking and insurance company client, all of the client’s email servers could have been blacklisted, preventing them from sending emails and severely minimizing their flow of business. With large amounts of revenue and reputation on the table, preventing a breach was a serious concern for Tucknologies Chief Technology Officer Brian Novak. Because of these types of security concerns, along with the powerful capabilities offered to developers, Tucknologies turned to Liquid Web for help.

How Liquid Web Helps

Utilizing Liquid Web’s security services and relying on 24/7/365 support, Tucknologies has been able to focus on developing their next big application without worrying about security. “One time we were hacked when certain files on our servers received a ping from certain IP addresses,” Novak explained. “Initially we were able to delete the offending files, but sure enough the next day there were more files on the server. Eventually, with Liquid Web’s help, we were able to track down some scripts that were maliciously added to a site. It took some work but we were able to salvage the site and protect the users from the attack. Liquid Web helped us by blocking the [malicious] IP addresses and tracking the activity in the server logs.” Not only was Liquid Web able to mitigate the attack, but the support team responded quickly to Tucknologies’ request for help. In fact, Novak appreciates Liquid Web’s quick, efficient, and highly knowledgeable support team each time (and at any time) he reaches out.

Liquid Web Support Technicians & Policies Make the Difference.

Tucknologies founder Craig Tucker continues to appreciate Liquid Web’s attentiveness to configure the right environment for their development and production servers and their willingness to setup up environments and support the older software that many of his clients utilize. “When we were just starting out, Liquid Web gave our company the level of support you would expect as CEO of a large established company,” Tucker recalled. “In the past, we’ve worked with nearly every large web hosting provider. Once you sign up, they disappear on you. Your support tickets would go unanswered. They weren’t able to answer technical questions that we had. It’s especially important if you are a software developer. We’d run into brick wall after brick wall. It was the same story. You might spend a little bit less money than what we spend with Liquid Web, but you’ll never get the value of support that you get with Liquid Web.” The value of Liquid Web is the sense of security and reliability for a business like Tucknologies, who has never wavered in their confidence of Liquid Web because they’ve never needed to. Find out more about the broad technology portfolio, industry-leading performance and incredible customer support Liquid Web offers.

Liquid Web shows no mercy to cyber attackers by enhancing the security and reliability of Tucknolgies servers with:

  • DDos attack protection
  • Enhanced security hardening
  • Around-the-clock technical support