“Solid Service with Fast Response Times for Over 11 Years” | Pure Adapt Switches To Liquid Web

Pure Adapt Doubles Business Size Rapidly with Dedicated Hosting and Enterprise-Level Support from Liquid Web

“When something goes wrong, I appreciate the security blanket of being able to reach out to Liquid Web and have someone knowledgeable looking into the issue almost immediately,” he says. “It’s been solid service with fast response times for over 11 years. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Adam McFarland, Co-founder

Pure Adapt
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Pure Adapt, a team based in Albany, New York, has designed, developed, and operated many successful websites in a variety of industries.
"We do almost all of the core components of our business in-house, from design and development to social media, customer service, and shipping,” says co-founder Adam McFarland.
The company’s primary focus, though, is its eCommerce store Detailed Image, selling high-end auto detailing supplies to both weekend car enthusiasts detailing their own cars, and shops detailing cars for clients. Wholesale savings for returning customers combined with fast, reliable, and affordable shipping have helped Detailed Image to become the trusted supplier for thousands of detailing businesses in the US. The numbers are clear — the company has been named to the Inc 5000 for the past four years and named as one of the Albany Business Review’s Fastest-Growing Companies in the Albany area for the past three years.

A Driven Company Seeking a World-Class Partner

What sets Detailed Image apart is their focus on a fluid experience for their customers.
"Most companies in our industry aren’t focused on software,” says McFarland. “Their shopping cart is an afterthought. For us, it is a key component of what we do and every system we’ve built. That’s why our warehouse can ship out every order placed before 1 PM on the same day. And why we’ve been able to grow without the need to expand our core non-warehouse staff. So, with such a focus on our software, we need a world-class partner like Liquid Web to make sure that we’re able to execute on our vision each and every day."

Continued Reliability

“As a developer with minimal system administrator skills, we need a partner that provides a managed solution and A+ 24/7 customer support for when we need assistance,” says McFarland. Pure Adapt initially partnered with Liquid Web in 2008 after a panic-inducing experience with another hosting company.
"The small company that we were working with had their servers go offline while they were on vacation, which meant that they were very slow to respond,” he says. “We realized that we needed to upgrade to a real hosting company and our own dedicated server. We researched the competition, talked to friends in the industry, and Liquid Web was the name that we kept coming up. Here we are over 11 years later. We’ve grown a ton, and Liquid Web continues to be just as good of a fit as it was back in 2008."
Before partnering with Liquid Web, worrying about downtime was stressful for McFarland and his team. Now, Pure Adapt utilizes Liquid Web’s High Availability cPanel cluster, which currently powers Detailed Image. “We really love the ease of the cloud environment,” he says, “and as a business, we needed the reliability of a cluster.” What was most appealing to Pure Adapt, though, was the high availability features.
"With the previous server, if something went wrong, we were down and our customers couldn’t shop,” says McFarland. “Now the passive server kicks in and we’re still online. Additionally, upgrading to an enterprise-level support tier was huge for us. Those two things combined give us peace of mind that we have never had before."

Onwards and Upwards with Liquid Web

McFarland says that the ease with which they’ve been able to adapt to the company’s recent growth can be attributed, in part, to Liquid Web. “Our Inc 5000 profile shows that we’ve grown 96% in the past 3 years,” he says. “Being able to do that without having to worry about our server crashing or being down for significant amounts of time has been a key component of our scaling, and one of the reasons why our growth as a company has been relatively smooth.” McFarland refers people to Liquid Web often, always mentioning two things: the uptime and the support.
"When something goes wrong, I appreciate the security blanket of being able to reach out to Liquid Web and have someone knowledgeable looking into the issue almost immediately,” he says. “It’s been solid service with fast response times for over 11 years. I really couldn’t ask for anything more."

About Liquid Web

Liquid Web powers content, commerce, and potential for SMB entrepreneurs and the designers, developers and digital agencies who create for them. An industry leader in managed hosting and cloud services, Liquid Web is known for its high-performance services and exceptional customer support.

With over 30,000 customers spanning 150 countries, Liquid Web owns and manages its own core data centers and provides a wide portfolio of offerings spanning from bare metal servers and fully managed hosting to Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce Hosting. The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™, Liquid Web earns the industry’s highest customer loyalty and has been recognized among INC Magazine’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies for eleven years.

*2017 NPS score of 66%

Pain Points

Pure Adapt was primed and ready to grow its numerous eCommerce businesses, but its small web hosting provider couldn’t keep up. When Pure Adapt’s servers went down while the hosting provider contacts were out of town, the company’s co-founders decided it was time to switch to a real hosting company.

How Liquid Web Helped

The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting moved Pure Adapt to a dedicated server with a passive backup server in place so that business could continue as usual in the event of downtime. After upgrading to enterprise-tier support, there’s no thought of going back — Pure Adapt has been hooked on the peace of mind Liquid Web provides for more than 11 years.