“Reliable, scalable, and easy to manage” | Pistonbroke Meets Website Clients’ Diverse Managed Hosting Needs by Partnering with Liquid Web

The local lawyer or dentist that we maintain a website for doesn’t care who the hosting company is, as long as it’s working when customers come to their site. We came to Liquid Web to give us the platform that is reliable, scalable and easy to manage, so that we can provide that for our business clients.



The Pain Moment for PistonBroke

Bradley Glonka of PistonBroke helps businesses and technology companies across the US build websites and make those sites appear at the top of search results during that crucial moment when customers are searching for help. Originally the company hosted most of their own servers on-site. But server management issues associated with operating systems, network protocol stacks, and software often got in the way of actually helping clients with their search engine performance. This added complexity was adding a level of frustration for their customers, and was quickly diluting all the positive search engine performance abilities that PistonBroke had built a reputation on.

How Liquid Web Helps

Part of the benefit of relying on an outside web host is the ability to find the exact product that you need for your client’s hosting needs. Pistonbroke has a variety of clients with different requirements for their hosting and Glonka is able to find everything he needs at Liquid Web. “I’m a Liquid Web hosting customer that has more than 10 servers and several hundred client websites to manage,” revealed Glonka. “Our clients range from sites with five thousand visits per month up to sites that get two million visits per month. Some of these websites have complicated e-commerce solutions that require a dedicated server. Others are content heavy blog type websites. With Liquid Web we can get problems solved quickly and be more productive to do what we want to do.”

PistonBroke Relies on Liquid Web Enterprise Servers to Adapt Quickly to Client Needs.

Glonka and his company utilize high quality enterprise servers to ensure the company can be nimble and quickly scale to sudden client needs. For example, one of their clients had an ad on a national TV show. They let PistonBroke know before it aired so PistonBroke was able to move their site to an oversized server that Liquid Web upgraded, enabling PistonBroke to handle the traffic surge. In addition to handling traffic surges, Liquid Web has been able to help reduce load times for PistonBroke’s websites - improving speeds and their rankings in the search engines. One PistonBroke client had recently been moved off of their old problematic virtual private server to a properly configured Liquid Web dedicated server. Talk about a smooth transition: Once they migrated over, the time it took for their webpage to load was reduced from 4.1 seconds to 0.5 seconds. “I would recommend Liquid Web mainly because of the technical support," Glonka said. "It is one thing they focus on: the ability to deliver on target support in a timely manner. And that has a positive impact on my time and my money. Clearly, they solved that need for my business years ago." Find out more about how the most Helpful Humans in Hosting combined with server reliability and seamless scalability help solve PistonBroke’s web hosting issues.

How do you handle the ups and downs of server management issues? PistonBroke relied on Liquid Web’s Enterprise Class Dedicated Servers and experienced technical support to:

  • Handle traffic surges experienced when a site experiences sudden airtime or media exposure
  • Provide a hosting platform that is reliable and scalable
  • Optimize client websites to decrease load times
  • Deliver technical support in a timely manner to enhance business efficiency