“Great advice on any question we’ve ever had” | Health Site Turns to Liquid Web for HIPAA-Compliant Holiday Reliability

The most impressive piece of your company is your technical support. Many of my team members have no technical background when it comes to server maintenance. Your team has given us great advice on any question that we’ve ever had. They’ve been able to fix things and explain why they’re fixing them.



The Pain Problem for Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less.

Sarah Myer maintains the web sites for North Carolina State University’s online program to help Americans suffering from being overweight or who have diabetes. The health program’s most popular site, (Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less), offers a free weight maintenance program over the holidays and the number of hits it gets during this period increases significantly. In the past, their cloud server had crashed on the first day of the holiday challenge because of the increased traffic. This meant that many people who were looking to use this opportunity to lose weight lost the motivation to attempt the challenge by visiting the site at a later date. On top of the reliability problems, compliance-related issues also came into play. Because sharing health information is a privacy concern, HIPAA compliant servers had to be implemented to conform to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The consequences of the loss of personal medical data could cause irreparable damage to a patient --- as well as the site it was taken from. Myer needed a solution to the reliability issues associated with the uptick in traffic as well as someone to handle the migration of information over to an HIPAA-compliant server to avoid legal implications.

How Liquid Web Helps

Superior Technical Support and Service was also on the Menu.
The transition to the HIPAA servers solved the traffic surge issue and the web servers have not had a crash since the migration. In addition to handling all the server requirements, the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting also shined when it came to offering the best possible support: Myer reveals why the Enterprise support program was crucial: “Having a single account executive to handle everything during the migration gave us someone that we could consistently approach for help. It’s nice to have a consistent point of contact, but anyone that we talk to in Liquid Web support team has been absolutely fabulous. Even my developers say they like working with Liquid Web because of their support.” After the new Liquid Web infrastructure was established, monthly traffic to the Cloud server grew from 20,000 to 27,000 year-after-year. The Cloud Server saw a 35% increased traffic rate in 2017 and didn't crash once. The health program team was also able to upgrade and expand sites on the cloud server once the other sites had been moved to the HIPAA-compliant server. Looking for healthy ideas for your site when it comes to managed hosting? Talk to a hosting advisor at Liquid Web.

Liquid Web satisfies with multiple migrations, reliable servers, and superior support:

  • Cloud Server manages multiple sites to handle increased traffic and enable health program to upgrade and expand sites
  • Migration of sensitive information to a HIPAA server maintains privacy and ensures server stability
  • Constant point of contact helps ensure consistency and knowledgeable support