“Before Liquid Web, things would break” | Digiboost Ditches Bad Hosting Partner, Finds Predictable Pricing and Performance with Liquid Web

Before Liquid Web, things would break because servers were being updated unknowingly or product updates were happening without our knowledge, and there would never really be a clear answer as to why it was happening. As an agency that put me in a bad spot because I’m a reflection of the vendors that I chose. I was in a position where I had to defend my decisions and that's the worst situation to be in.

Pablo Calvo, Co-Founder


The Hardest Lesson Learned

Pablo Calvo is a co-founder and the Head of Product and Marketing for Digiboost. In this role, Pablo is responsible for many facets of Digiboost’s operation, including service delivery, ongoing optimization and maintenance of existing accounts, and supporting the sales team. Pablo is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the technical aspects of WordPress and the qualities that make a great WordPress hosting partner. This knowledge was hard-won and drawn from his extensive experience heading up his own WordPress development company prior to joining Digiboost. Pablo’s success has always depended on his ability to create reliable, repeatable, and scalable processes that supported hyper-efficient growth. This includes, for example, optimizing his WordPress development operations around a trusted set of themes and plugins like Beaver Builder, Astra, and others that inter-operate well, deliver predictable results, automate many routine processes, and shorten training cycles for his teams. One of the hardest lessons Pablo had to learn was the need to apply these same criteria when selecting a hosting partner. The lack of these qualities in his hosting partners has led to costly disruptions and lost business that threatened the viability of his agency.

The Search for Better WordPress Hosting

In his quest to find the best hosting partner, Pablo did extensive research into the growing stable of Managed WordPress hosting offerings that had sprung up over the last five years. As a category of service, Managed WordPress really appealed to Pablo because of its inherent performance, scalability, automation, and support, all of which promised to offload many mundane and repetitive tasks from his team and further scale his operations. The more he researched, though, the more he came to realize that most of these platforms didn’t align with one of the most basic needs of his clients: predictable pricing. Most charged based on bandwidth billing, which for Pablo represented a double-edged sword. Pablo realized that if Digiboost was ever going to realize their dream of building a large and growing stable of small business clients, then they had to find a hosting partner who understood this basic need. Pablo’s team agreed with this perspective, and so they redoubled their efforts to find a hosting partner that would help them deliver predictable fixed cost to their clients. That’s when they discovered Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress hosting solution.

Managed WordPress Done Right

In Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress solution, Pablo at last found a solution that addressed all his major criteria to help support and scale Digiboost’s operations and better serve his clients. Top on his list was predictable pricing, and Pablo was pleasantly surprised to find that Liquid Web’s offering had no page view or traffic limits, and offered affordable plans starting at just $99/month for up to 10 WordPress sites. Performance was next on his list, and extensive speed testing of Liquid Web’s platform demonstrated it was the fastest solution he had come across. He also discovered that Liquid Web’s offering had a slew of features designed to streamline his operations, like site stencils that help his team automatically deploy their standard WordPress setup (including settings, themes, and plugins) with a single click. As Pablo looked closer at Liquid Web’s solution, he was also surprised to find that many of the components that he had painstakingly assembled to help him deliver reliable and high-performance WordPress sites for his clients were already part of the Liquid Web platform, which only made his confidence in Liquid Web’s expertise grow.

Liquid Web’s Impact

Today Digiboost is a fast growing and thriving digital agency thanks in large part to Liquid Web and their Managed WordPress solution. The partnership and technology has had a remarkable impact on both Digiboost’s sales and operations, and has improved just about every aspect of the work that Pablo and his team do to help their small business clients succeed. On the sales side of the house, for example, Pablo and his team have been able to reach a new audience of small businesses thanks to their listing in Liquid Web’s partner directory. They’ve also been able to establish Digiboost as a thought leader in digital marketing for small business, thanks to a range of Liquid Web content assets like webinars, ebooks, and other content designed specifically for web professionals. Also, they have been able to increase close rates and shorten their sales cycles thanks to access to a team of skilled architects and engineers. This access helps them close larger deals, and with features like site stencils and Liquid Web’s migration plugin, Digiboost can quickly establish credibility and demonstrate value during live sales calls. On the operations side of the house, Pablo and his team have benefited from quicker deployment cycles thanks to features like site stencils, access to a team of on-boarding specialists, and free migrations. Other benefits included lower maintenance costs, expedited support, and lower hiring and training costs. In fact, tasks that used to distract his developers, like setting up demo sites for sales deals, can now be managed by less technical employees, faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

Partnership Done Right

After making the switch to Liquid Web, Pablo soon discovered the value of working with the right partner to grow and scale Digiboost’s business. He found, for example, that Liquid Web had a comprehensive partner program specifically designed for digital agencies like his that was beginning to have positive impacts on his teams’ sales process. That’s when things began to change significantly for Digiboost. Liquid Web’s Web Professional Partner Program offered Digiboost promotional opportunities such as a listing in Liquid Web’s partner directory, which gave them access to new small business clients. It also offered them a dedicated hosting advisor along with a team of skilled solution architects who were able to craft a managed WordPress solution that helped them deliver a white glove experience during and after the sale. The program also offered a range of collateral like webinars, ebooks, and other content designed specifically for web professionals that made it easier to establish credibility early in the sales cycle. This all resulted in shorter sales cycles, higher close rates, and happier customers that helped fuel Digiboost’s positive word-of-mouth. They also appreciated how the benefits offered by the partner program scaled as their book of business with Liquid Web grew, affording additional promotional and revenue opportunities fine-turned to Digiboost’s needs. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the two companies’ shared commitment to helping small businesses succeed. This shared sense of purpose and mission has made it possible for Digiboost to achieve results that it could not have achieved alone for itself and its clients.