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“There’s no one else offering a product like this” | Cloud Sites Makes Launching and Managing 80 Sub-domains Easy for Leftrightmind

I’ve been building websites since the beginning of time and have hosted everywhere. I can confidently say that no one else offers a product and support system like Cloud Sites.




While launching and managing websites for countless clients, digital agency owner Shane Birley noticed a troubling trend.  As his client base grew, so did their website expectations. As a result, he spent countless hours troubleshooting for clients who demanded a robust online presence but had little or no experience with web hosting. Even with his vast content management system experience, Birley was losing money trying to satisfy the needs of clients with limited knowledge and high expectations. Yet when he turned for help from the web host that he was reselling through, he wasn’t getting the help or the answers he needed.


A product with the right mindset: Cloud Sites from Liquid Web.
Birley needed a readily available solution that would help him manage multiple sites, provide reliable performance, and utilize the technical support he urgently needed. He soon found that with Cloud Sites, he had the ability to set up and manage sub-domains quickly and without hassle, and without the stress of figuring out what hardware he would have to invest in. And support? He had the full-time, on-site availability of engineers and technicians who were only a few feet from his server. “After trying so many different hosts, the first thing I thought is that there’s really no one else offering a product like this,” Birley recalls of his first Cloud Sites experience. And talk about positive thinking: He’s discovered that Cloud Sites is the only platform that’s given him the freedom, the focus, and the confidence to run his own digital business while expanding his creative opportunities. Learn more about the Cloud Sites platform and discover why it’s now easier than ever to launch high-traffic websites without ever worrying about hosting infrastructure again.

Shane Birley minimized the headaches of managing multiple sites thanks to Liquid Web’s Cloud Sites hosting platform:

  • Guarantees 100% uptime with complete hardware and service redundancy
  • Ensures websites automatically grow as traffic increases
  • Enables any preferred code to be launched with a few clicks