“Fundamental to the success of this event” | Liquid Web Powers Real-Time Coverage of the World Cup

This was by far the biggest event we have had. Cloud Sites was fundamental to the success of this event.




Soccer: The world’s most popular, most talked about, and most watched sporting event by far. And the World Cup is its jeweled crown. With this in mind, infoplum-AFP had the monumental task of providing the world with real-time coverage (including score updates, profiles, and predictive data) of this premier event. With all eyes on AFP, it was imperative that their proprietary application handle billions of global requests during the month-long tournament — because failure would not only result in the total outrage of millions of passionate fans, it would also be a major hit to the credibility and reputation of the infoplum-AFP brand.


Cloud Sites helps infoplum-AFP strike first.
Because infoplum had been working with Cloud Sites since October 2008, they knew Cloud Sites would skillfully deliver the statistics and highlights that engaged soccer fans were demanding, without unexpected crashes or lost data. The Cloud Sites Operations team understood that the need for a constant flow of information was critical. By configuring a higher number of nodes than usual, the team ensured that the high capacity cluster they installed would handle the expectations required for such a high traffic event.  The engineers also performed a custom configuration to the load balancers to streamline routing, while adding additional IP addresses to further increase capacity and handle projected traffic spikes. In the end, this custom configuration backed by constant monitoring proved highly successful, as infoplum-AFP successfully managed 153 million hits per day and more than 100 million pageviews during the event without a miss.
Cloud Sites: Won. Interruptions: 0.
When the tournament was over, Cloud Sites engineers had successfully navigated the platform’s most significant load in history: No small feat. And by providing a fully managed, reliably redundant platform that automatically grew as traffic increased, Cloud Sites showed their own fancy footwork, helping infoplum-AFP confidently handle 4.1 billion requests from a worldwide audience spanning more than 20 countries and in 15 languages. Click here to learn more about how Cloud Sites can go the distance in protecting your business against unforeseen server crashes, lost data, and lengthy downtime.

How do you tackle traffic spikes? infoplum-AFP used Cloud Site’s high capacity clusters and custom configured load balancers to manage:

  • 4.1 billion web requests
  • 153 million daily hits
  • 161 sites utilizing application for real-time updates
  • 0 seconds of downtime