“I easily saved $3000-$4000 a month” | Hotwire Networks Turns to Liquid Web for Expert Hosting and Support for Hundreds of Clients

My favorite thing about Liquid Web is the knowledge that each and every support technician has shown. They are true server experts who really know what they are doing. By switching to Liquid Web, I easily saved $3000-$4000 a month.



The Pain Moment For Hotwire

As a hosting company supporting hundreds of clients, success came at a price for Hotwire, as maintenance challenges reared its ugly head from the start. Hard drives were difficult to pull out and replace quickly. Equipment was constantly breaking down, and the hours technicians were spending to repair infrastructure and software were becoming exceedingly excessive. The constant battle between upgrades, backups, and repairs drained profits and potential.

How Liquid Web Helps

Liquid Web is the spark that puts Hotwire back in charge.
From the moment Hotwire built their first server with Liquid Web, their issues quickly became a non-issue. Equipment worked reliably and maintenance and repair problems became a thing of the past. Additionally, the time, storage and bandwidth requirements needed for nightly backups typically performed by Hotwire were eagerly handed over to Liquid Web which immediately freed up capital and labor. Hotwire now had the powerful servers and the potential it needed to fulfill its hosting needs, as well as certified support and software licensing for a small monthly fee — savings the hosting company hundreds of dollars each month.
Dedicated Support for HotWire’s Dedicated Servers.
Liquid Web also came through for Hotwire when an entire server got wiped. Through the chat program, Hotwire was pleased with how well Liquid Web restored the server and got it back online in less than 30 minutes, an accomplishment unmatched by anyone Hotwire had worked with before and one that their own in-house technicians could not have done as quickly. “Liquid Web was guaranteeing 100% uptime and the support was absolutely wonderful with the online chat,” notes Burwell. “Their policies state specific response times for the phone, online chat, and support tickets. Personally, I’ve never seen them take longer than the promised support times with me.” Hotwire Networks provides managed hosting and web development for their clients’ businesses, and they count on Liquid Web to be their hosting partner and their go-to provider for support. Learn more about how managed hosting from Liquid Web can help ignite your company’s success.

Superior Products and Support sets Liquid Web worlds apart from other hosting companies:

  • Dedicated Server backups provided protection of complete server environment
  • Managing hosting support ensured 100% uptime
  • Heroic support and software licensing saving company hundreds of dollars each month