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How Liquid Web Managed Hosting Helps Deliver a Global Payments Solution with Confidence

Liquid Web has been tremendously successful in resolving any issues that arise in short order, leaving to focus its efforts and resources on running the day to day operations of its business.

David Goodale, CEO


Small and medium-sized businesses that sell online quickly realize that one of the benefits of eCommerce lies in its ability to help them reach new customers in global markets. No one knows this better than David Goodale, the CEO of David founded back in 2001 to help address a vital gap in the market. At the time, the large banks in Canada were reluctant to work with small businesses, often requiring them to pay large upfront fees to mitigate the bank’s risk. This effectively prevented most Canadian small businesses from being able to accept payments online. So, David launched his company to fix that problem, and in the process has helped thousands of businesses sell online. Over time more Canadian businesses started finding new customers in new international markets around the world. started to provide global payment solutions that would help businesses sell anywhere in the world and in a variety of different currencies. As word began to spread about the company’s expertise in global payment services, something interesting started to happen to David’s business. started attracting international business themselves from merchants from all over the world. Today, David and his team serve merchants in the Canada, USA, England, Australia, and throughout Europe. And their prospects for future international growth and expansion are bright. Education has always been a key component of’s marketing and customer loyalty strategy. The global payments industry is always evolving, and David regularly delivers insights on this changing landscape through the company’s public website at That’s why the ongoing reliability and performance of the company website is so crucial to the company’s continued success.

The Challenge

David and his team learned years ago that in order to scale their business effectively, they needed to partner with a hosting provider that could deliver a full complement of managed services. As an early adopter of managed hosting, they were able to reap the benefits that fully managed infrastructure offered them. David was able to grow a team that was focused on delivering new and innovative payment services to their merchants, not on the lights-on activity of managing and maintaining servers. And as a result, his business grew profitably. But after years of successful partnership, David and his team were faced with a rude awakening when it came time to upgrade their aging infrastructure. Their previous provider, Rackspace, had long ago abandoned their focus on small and medium-sized businesses in favor of larger enterprise customers. And with this shift in focus came a significant increase in pricing, one that would effectively eat into’s margins and limit the team’s ability to deliver continuing innovation. David and his team were given a choice that really wasn’t much of a choice at all. They could either remain on dedicated infrastructure and pay a much higher price, or they could move to less powerful and less secure virtual servers in order to keep their costs near what they were currently paying. Faced with these two unappealing options, David and his team made the difficult decision to find another provider that could deliver what they needed.  

The Search for Better Managed Hosting

The first thing David and his team did was compile a list of requirements that they wanted from their next hosting provider. Top on their list was finding a provider that shared their focus on helping small and medium-size businesses and had a reputation for delivering amazing technical support. David and his team were tired of feeling like second class customers and wanted to work with a provider that cared about their business as much as they did. Next on their list was finding a provider that could deliver a full complement of managed services, so that David and his team could continue focusing on delivering innovation. Third on their list was finding a provider that could deliver the very latest generation of dedicated infrastructure, and assemble these components to deliver the best price/performance. As they began to their search, David and his team quickly discovered another pressing requirement. They needed assurances that the transition from their current provider to their new provider was as seamless as possible. could not afford any interruption to their public website, as this would have a disastrous effect on their sales and marketing efforts. Having experienced a migration like this before, David knew that any new provider would need to have a solution ready in the event of a sudden catastrophic hardware failure or user error. In fact, uptime was such a crucial concern for David and his team that they wanted to ensure that they were working with a provider that could quickly and reliably help them recover from catastrophic outages no matter when they occurred. Armed with their list of requirements, the team jumped in and began their search. And that’s when they discovered Liquid Web.

The Liquid Web Difference

What first struck David about Liquid Web was how responsive the sales team was to his inquiries. When he called Liquid Web he was immediately directed to the right salesperson who could help him, and this person typically responded within the hour to his questions. What struck David next was the way that the Liquid Web team really listened to him and his team, and how they took the time to ask probing questions and understand their needs. The next thing that impressed David was the expertise of the Liquid Web team. These were people that had definitely mastered the ins and outs of delivering and managing infrastructure and were able to make recommendations that other providers weren’t able to in order to meet David’s needs. For example, in response to the team’s requirements to ensure uptime but also contain costs, the team at Liquid Web suggested implementing an offsite bare metal backup and recovery solution. This solution would backup the environment as well as the data on their servers. Coupled with Liquid Web’s fast infrastructure deployments, the solution would ensure that could quickly recover from a catastrophic outage without breaking the bank. It didn’t take long for the team to realize that they had found the perfect provider to help them continue on their path toward profitable growth.

Overcoming Hurdles Together

Every new infrastructure deployment comes with unexpected challenges, and it’s moments like these that give you a real sense of your new managed hosting provider and whether or not you made the right decision in choosing them. That moment came for David and his team when they realized that their old bootstrapped Linux environment was no longer viable and that they would need to migrate to a modern cPanel deployment. cPanel offers many benefits, including easier maintenance and administration of computing resources. But it can also be a difficult transition for people who are not used to working in this type of environment. Liquid Web’s support team took the time to do several walkthroughs of cPanel with key members of David’s team. They even allowed David and his team to record these walkthroughs so that the staff could reference these instructions in the future. And whenever they had questions, David and his team were able call or submit a ticket, and the Liquid Web support team was there to quickly answer their questions. This experience provided great validation for David and his team that they had made the right decision in choose Liquid Web. Not only was the Liquid Web team working with them to troubleshoot issues as they came up, but they were going above and beyond to make sure that David and his team were taken care of throughout. Rather than feeling like second class citizens, Liquid Web made David and his team feel like they really cared about their business and would do whatever they could to help make them successful.

A Bright Future with Liquid Web

David and his team couldn’t be happier with their decision to move to Liquid Web. Since making the switch, their company website has performed well and required very little attention outside of routine updates. This has enabled David and his team to remain focused on delivering the innovation that their customers demand, which in turn has fueled their continued growth. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s how David puts it: "The best hosting provider is the one that you never have to think about. Everything should just hum along seamlessly in the background. We chose Liquid Web for exactly this reason. Our website needs to be up, and be reliable, without draining resource away from other initiatives.  Liquid Web has been tremendously successful in resolving any issues that arise in short order, leaving our team at able to focus our efforts on running the day to day operations of our business."

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  • cPanel/WHM or Plesk Onyx for full-featured domain and server monitoring and maintenance
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Marking its 21st anniversary, Liquid Web powers online content, commerce, and potential for SMB entrepreneurs and the designers, developers and digital agencies who create for them. An industry leader in managed hosting and cloud services, Liquid Web is known for its high-performance services and exceptional customer support. Liquid Web offers a broad portfolio designed so customers can choose a hosting solution that is hands-on or hands-off or a hybrid of the two. The company owns and manages its own core data centers, providing a diverse range of offerings, including bare metal servers, fully managed hosting, Managed WordPress, and Managed WooCommerce Hosting, and continues to evolve its service offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of its web-reliant, professional customers. With over 32,000 customers spanning 150 countries, the company has assembled a world-class team, global data centers and an expert group of 24/7/365 solution engineers. As an industry leader in customer service*, the rapidly expanding company has been recognized among INC Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for eleven years. Liquid Web is part of the Madison Dearborn Partners family of companies. Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC (“MDP”) is a leading private equity investment firm based in Chicago. For more information, please visit, or read our blog posts at
Global merchant services provider was searching for a hosting partner who shared their focus on small and medium-sized business and could deliver an affordable and fully-managed hosting solution to power their corporate website. Their goal was to keep their team from managing infrastructure into order to focus on delivering innovation to their merchants, all while ensuring no disruption to their ongoing marketing efforts. In Liquid Web, found a trusted partner who was as committed to their success as they were. Liquid Web’s team of infrastructure experts was able to craft a solution that addressed’s performance and budgetary needs, and helped them migrate from their legacy environment to a powerful new environment that will support their growth objectives for years to come. Liquid Web also helped’s team get out of the business of managing infrastructure, and into the business of delivering innovation that wows their merchants.