“Best support and available guarantees”| Liquid Web Delivers 323% Faster Performance, More Perks, and Better Support for Duplika Internet Solutions

Liquid Web’s reseller program allows us to continue growing our hosting business, providing the best support and available guarantees, without having to worry about our server’s health.



The Pain Problem For Duplika

Duplika Internet Solutions is one of the biggest hosting resellers/providers in South America and provides hosting services and 24-hour support to numerous clients around the world. As their business and reputation grew, so did the challenges of keeping their best-in-class services at a high level while dealing with the infrastructure costs associated with growth. This was a growing concern, as reliability issues can cause clients to quickly leave for greener pastures.

How Liquid Web Helps

Dedicated and never duplicated: Liquid Web becomes the perfect host by providing superior server performance Despite the similarities that can be found when it comes to hosting, Duplika counted on Liquid Web to deliver what others couldn’t: Better performance. Website performance is largely impacted by the hardware components that make up the system that the website is running on: Liquid Web’s Servers were 323% faster than the next-closest competition. Because of the high quality of the underlying technology of the Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers installed by Liquid Web, Duplika continued to grow their hosting business without worrying about inferior server performance that couldn’t handle an influx of new customers. Liquid Web also took the complexity out of the overall hosting equation by seamlessly integrating billing, management server provisioning and other discounts to help keep costs down. This enabled Duplika to concentrate on attracting new business while maintaining a high level of satisfaction with their established base of customers.

But wait. The benefits didn’t stop there.

Duplika soon realized the full measure of benefits Liquid Web has available for reseller server hosting. This included specialized discounts, free basic SSL Certificates, at-cost domain registrations and full technical support. In addition, Duplika (like all Liquid Web reseller partners) was given access to lower bandwidth costs and prorated refunds upon server cancellation. Reseller hosting is a great way to expand your services as a web hosting provider. Duplika was able to take advantage of Liquid Web’s superior server performance and managed hosting capabilities, available 24/7/365 support, and unmatched reseller discounts to become a popular and well-respected web host that continues to grow and prosper. If you’re a reseller, find out how Liquid Web can help you leverage a successful web hosting business with VPS Cloud Server hosting.

Outperforming the ordinary: Liquid Web rises to the challenge for resellers by offering:

  • Full customer support (5,000 +)
  • Deep reseller discounts
  • Free SSL Certificates, discounted bandwidth, at-cost domain registrations
  • Dedicated hardware 323% faster than next-closest competition