“[Troubleshooting that’s] fast, seamless, and usually on the fly” | Liquid Web Supports Game of Thrones RPG Through Rapid Scaling

What's worked for us well at Liquid Web is the combination of dedicated servers for mission-critical, custom systems along with cloud-based nodes that we can scale up and down as needed.




Disruptor Beam has become a powerful force in the area of social gaming. Their latest foray, the role-playing game called Game of Thrones Ascent, was an instant hit with Game of Thrones fans, and with this success came the growing pains and impediments associated with a new launch. With thousands of users joining each month, the need for fast, expandable storage was critical to eliminate the issues of game lag and the obstacles related to inaccessibility that can typically try the short patience of the avid gamer and make them engage elsewhere. On top of this was the need to control capital expenditures, a critical component to handling the added infrastructure needed to keep up with the game’s commercial success while operating within a clearly defined budget.


Liquid Web came equipped to overwhelm Disruptor Beam’s read/write concerns by employing Dedicated SSD Drives and an Artista switch to handle the demanding workloads between the Databases Servers and the Dedicated Application Servers, thus removing any limitation from these drives’ execution. This innovative solution was coupled with hybrid connectivity between both Storm and Dedicated Platforms to provide on-demand flexibility when accommodating higher than normal traffic levels while processing requests with dedicated resources.
Winter may be coming, but not additional equipment costs.
Additional benefits were gained by allowing Disruptor Beam the ability to test and develop in a separate environment from the Game of Thrones Ascent actual production function. This saved the company both operational and equipment costs and allowed them to direct capital expenditures toward pressing expandable storage needs while still staying within budget. "What’s worked well for us at Liquid Web is the combination of Dedicated Servers for mission-critical, custom systems along with Cloud-Based Nodes that we can scale up/down as needed," notes Radoff. He further adds that the above would not be possible without his other allies: Liquid Web’s Heroic Support staff, whose troubleshooting capabilities in regards to Disruptor Beam’s services were fast, seamless and usually on the fly— a huge significance considering that degradation of service and inconsistent access to support has led his various ventures away from other service providers in the past. When it came to providing on-demand flexibility and the ability to accommodate higher than normal traffic levels all while processing requests with dedicated resources, Liquid Web ruled the day. To learn more about the full range of services Liquid Web offers, click here.

Liquid Web enters the fray, combining powerful support with an advanced, high-performance, hybrid environment:

  • Dedicated application servers equipped with SSD drives
  • Storm Cloud Servers with on-demand scalability
  • Dedicated Load Balancers to provide redundancy and fault tolerance