“You don’t know how many times Liquid Web has saved us with their support.” – ASCOMSA Grows With Liquid Web

ASCOMSA Finds Security and Growth with the Support of Liquid Web

“Liquid Web... sets the standard for support in the hosting business.”

Prissio Dormi, General Manager
Ecuadorian tech company ASCOMSA has been around almost as long as the Internet. Founded in 1986, the company—run by General Manager Prissio Dormi—has been along for the ride, witnessing tremendous change in the region in their 30+ year history, including the Latin American tech boom in the early 2010s. “In the year 2012, Ecuador and Latin America saw a sudden burst to have corporate emails and websites, so we began to focus on that,” says Dormi. “We have been moving as the industry is moving, expanding our services to bigger corporations and offering cloud services.” As ASCOMSA grew to meet the needs of the region, Dormi knew that he needed a partner to support his goals for the quickly-expanding company. “As we grew, I knew we needed a data center that really cared about our customers. We had a very frustrating beginning with one data center that left unattended tickets or lost data entirely. I was worried about losing clients to big companies. I knew that support was the key,” says Dormi. That’s when Liquid Web stepped in.

Dormi Turned to Liquid Web in 2016.

“I was looking for the best data center to take my headaches away once and for all,” he says. Now, Liquid Web offers ASCOMSA everything from traditional dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and cloud dedicated servers, all the way to Managed WordPress Hosting. It’s a partnership that has been a “boom” for ASCOMSA. “My business started with one account,” says Dormi. “With Liquid Web, we’re getting close to a quarter-million dollars annually in sales.”

“Support, Support, Support.”

What Dormi loves most about Liquid Web is the support. “Support, support, support. With Liquid Web, we get real, human support. Hosting is a service, not a product to sell. The support is what matters. And Liquid Web’s support is the best in the industry.” Dormi says that he tried other options before working with Liquid Web, and none could compare to the level of assistance and protection that Liquid Web offered, including the company’s 59-minute response time guarantee. “I still remember other big hosting companies taking over 24 hours to respond to an issue. Liquid Web, on the other hand, sets the standard for support in the hosting business.” The most important advantage of working with Liquid Web are the real people, their care and attention to detail behind Liquid Web’s support. “I don’t deal with ‘Liquid Web.’ I deal with a person at Liquid Web,” Dormi says. “If you ask me, I know by heart at least three technicians at Liquid Web. I want to hug each of them!” Another benefit of ASCOMSA’s partnership with Liquid Web is the support in Spanish. “For the past two years, we’ve had Spanish sales support and it’s great—especially Adolfo. We chat every day. I feel very close to Liquid Web.” ASCOMSA’s partners and resellers depend on Liquid Web. “When I say that they depend on Liquid Web, I mean that it keeps food on families’ tables. You don’t know how many times Liquid Web has saved us with their heroic support. I feel secure hosting our clients through Liquid Web. If we run into problems, I know Liquid Web can resolve it.” ASCOMSA currently hosts SaaS companies, local, state, and even federal entities. “We have no doubt that this year, ASCOMSA will pave its way to become one of the top hosting companies in Ecuador, and we know we will be able to achieve this with Liquid Web’s infrastructure and team available to us,” says Dormi.

About Liquid Web

Liquid Web powers content, commerce, and potential for SMB entrepreneurs and the designers, developers, and digital agencies who create for them. An industry leader in managed hosting and cloud services, Liquid Web is known for its high-performance services and exceptional customer support. With over 30,000 customers spanning 150 countries, Liquid Web owns and manages its own core data centers and provides a wide portfolio of offerings spanning from bare metal servers and fully managed hosting, to Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce Hosting. The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™, Liquid Web earns the industry’s highest customer loyalty* and has been recognized among INC. Magazine’s 5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies for twelve years. *2019 NPS score of 69%

Pain Points

ASCOMSA worried about losing customers after their data center partner left support tickets unattended and even lost some data.

How Liquid Web Helped

Liquid Web proved to be the reliable partner ASCOMSA needed, providing technology and bilingual support that has helped the company grow from one account to nearly $250K in sales annually.