World Backup Day 2020 – Have You Taken The Pledge?

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It is easy to forget how ephemeral digital data really is. And how important taking backups is for business continuity.

Consider the following plausible disasters:

  • A burst pipe floods your office and destroys your dedicated box
  • An ex-employee with malicious intent uses login credentials to steal data
  • A misplacing a tablet, laptop, or phone is stolen and not locked properly

I expect it is something that most of us do not want to think about: our data is always vulnerable to something, especially during times like now.

According to ChannelProNetwork, one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Or, 70 million smartphones are lost annually, and only 7% are recovered. Think your office is safe? 52% of devices are stolen from the office.”

That is precisely why backups are so important. And that is the core idea behind World Backup Day, an initiative designed to raise awareness about the importance of protecting your data. This year’s theme is “Don’t Be an April Fool.”

World Backup Day

If you have not already done so, I would highly recommend taking the pledge for 2020 and backing up data by March 31st.

Here are some great ways to create more robust backups in 2020.

4 Ways to Create Better Backups Now

Here are a few ways you can create better backups:

1. Backup Crucial Data First

You don’t need to backup everything, although it is a good idea. Start by choosing the files you need the most – the stuff you know you’d miss if it happened to disappear, and back that up immediately.

TIP: Most backup services, like Acronis Cyber Backup, allow customers to choose from full or incremental backup options.

2. Automate Your Backups

Do not leave backups to yourself or calendar reminders. Instead, set up a solution that automatically takes snapshots of your important files and folders. People are fallible – they forget things. An automated schedule does not.

TIP: Look at how often your database is updated with critical new data, and let that help you decide between the need for monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly backups.

3. Choose the Right Tools

For your personal life, you can look at any of the backup services on this list. For your business, you need to consider a full and robust backup solution like Liquid Web’s Acronis Cyber Backup, which includes the ability to backup offsite to the Acronis Cloud or to the Liquid Web Cloud.

TIP: Offsite backups provide another layer of protection in case your on-premise dedicated server, or even your server at a managed hosting provider, goes down.

4. Have Multiple Backups

Don’t rely on your local backup solution to keep your data safe. Employ the use of multiple backups, including a local backup, a control panel backup, along with an offsite backup using a service like Acronis Cyber Backup or similar. That way, in case multiple disasters happen, you are sure to have your data secure.

TIP: Employ the 3-2-1 Rule of Backup, which means having three copies of your data, utilizing two different types of backup media, and store at least one copy offsite or in the cloud.
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