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Over the past year, it has been an honor to share the stories of over a dozen of the women who make Liquid Web thrive.

Their compelling stories about what drives them and what inspires them about working in tech have been an inspiration, and are just a small glimpse into the incredible work done by the women of Liquid Web.

We started this series so that young women could see technology as a career path where they can engage and succeed. We want them to know they are welcome in this field.

To further shed light on women doing important work in their communities, this month we are thrilled to spotlight two of the female entrepreneurs we are lucky to call Liquid Web customers.

March is Women’s History Month and we celebrate the achievements of these two inspiring business owners who each use tech to build bridges.

Meet Susie

Susie Carter, founder of Mixed Media Creations on servant leadership and what inspires her about technology.

Liquid Web - Women in Technology - Susie C

Susie Carter leads with a servant’s heart and a desire to tell the stories of others. “To me, it’s never just business. It’s so much more,” Susie said. “It is about serving others and doing what we love.”

In 2007, she founded Mixed Media Creations, an international award-winning full-service marketing and design studio.

The endeavor was fueled by Carter’s belief that traditional agencies were often missing the foundational elements of real customer service, deep client partnerships, and an empowering workplace. Carter wanted to build a company devoted to clients and to the human element of marketing.

Carter loves bringing this ethos to the technological aspects of her company. “Technology can be used in such a powerful way to bring people together and improve communication,” she says. “I tend to be very creative and not overly analytical. I have often considered technology to be a little alien and cold. That is not the case. It has become the most powerful method and platform for communication; it has the ability to bridge and connect people.”

What further sets Mixed Media Creations apart is Carter’s commitment to helping her team grow, no matter what season of life they may be navigating. Carter herself is a mother to four children, so she recognizes the challenges facing working parents—especially in early parenthood. At Mixed Media Creations, new parents are encouraged to bring their babies to work and dogs are always welcome.

Carter’s servant leadership and focus on community is reflected in the company as a whole. In 2016 and 2017, the team donated approximately $75,000 each year in goods and services throughout the North Texas area. Susie strives to instill a culture of positivity, gratitude, and generosity. Along with her impressive list of national and international awards, Susie is deeply rooted in the community and is passionate about making the world a better place.

Meet Sherri

Sherri Owen, owner of MerchantMoms on empowering her customers through technology.

Liquid Web - Women in Technology - Sherri O

There are people all over the world who want websites, but don’t know how to code and aren’t interested in spending thousands of dollars.

To fill this need, MerchantMoms was created in 2005, building excellent websites that are easy for clients to navigate.

“I started as support staff with MerchantMoms,” says owner Sherri Owen. “When the opportunity presented itself to take over the company, I took it.” In 2010, Owen purchased the company, bringing with her a decade of experience in tech.

What inspires Owen most about MerchantMoms is her ability to empower her customers. “I love helping people get that rewarding moment of 'I did it myself!' and being able to provide the tools for them there,” she says. Having customers who feel capable of using tech to meet their goals is Owen’s greatest reward.

She’s excited about the possibilities that innovations in tech are providing to both MerchantMoms and the customers they serve. “As technology changes, so do the variety of things we can provide. I'm glad that we're able to offer our customers innovative new ways to share their vision. No matter the customer’s goal, we try to meet them where they are.”

One of my favorite aspects of our Women in Technology series is the visibility it has brought to the many paths that can lead to a rewarding career in technology.

Sharing our stories of women building successful businesses or career paths in technology isn’t just interesting … it’s important.

Want to be inspired? Read the stories from many of the accomplished women at Liquid Web.

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