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Liquid Web’s former Director of Affiliate Marketing on channeling her talents and energy, her inspirations, and why she loves working in tech.

Women in Technology - Saralyn Scherer
“In Liquid Web, I found a company where not only do I get to work in an industry that I love, but that has products that I am proud of and feel blessed to be a part of,” says Saralyn Scherer.

A little known fact about Saralyn Scherer: she once won a scholarship for singing opera in Italian. It won’t come as much of a surprise then, that in her high school days, Scherer sang the national anthem at sporting events, played cello as first chair in the orchestra, competed in singing competitions, and starred in plays.

Oh, and don’t forget her role as Vice President of the dance company, her membership in the National Honor Society, or the five instruments she played.

“It’s safe to say I was an overachiever,” she laughs.

“I joke that if my husband knew me in high school, there’s no way he’d date me— I wanted to be the best at everything! I have since mellowed out, thankfully. You don’t have to be the best to have people like you.”

The point is that Saralyn Scherer, a Hawaii native who grew up in Utah, is extremely passionate and multi-talented. And it is sheer luck that her passions and talents are put to use at Liquid Web and not in a hospital. “My dream was to be a surgeon,” she says.

As a pre-med student at Brigham Young University, Scherer began working for a local hosting company in their call center to help pay for her tuition. “Although I was just answering calls,” she says, “I was lucky enough to learn a lot about hosting and found it really interesting.” After two years in the call center, Scherer was presented with the opportunity to join the marketing department as an Affiliate Recruiter. “I immediately fell in love with the affiliate industry and the tech industry,” Scherer says. “Within months of working there, I changed my dream from the medical field to affiliate marketing and threw all of my energy into that work.” Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before she was promoted and managing her own team.

Now, Saralyn Scherer puts that drive to work as Liquid Web’s Director of Affiliate Marketing, working with the company’s affiliate partners to help them successfully promote and refer Liquid Web’s hosting products. “I worked for a couple of other companies that were non-tech and, although I enjoyed them, I really missed the hosting industry. In Liquid Web, I found a company where not only do I get to work in an industry that I love, but that has products that I am proud of and feel blessed to be a part of,” she says.

What Scherer loves most about Liquid Web is the continual growth, the way the company always strives to improve. “I love feeling like we’re contributing to an ever-improving market,” she says. “As a bonus, this industry attracts people with a growth-mindset. It’s really exciting to be surrounded by brilliant minds.”

Scherer attributes much of her success to lessons she learned from her mother and father. “My mom taught me how to work hard and to never be happy with mediocrity,” she says. “She’s one of the hardest working women I’ve ever met and has always encouraged me to be my very best.” Scherer says that her mother taught her more at home than she learned in school as a small child, teaching her to read before she ever set foot in a kindergarten. “I know she’s a huge reason why I’ve been successful in life.”

Scherer describes her father as one of the smartest and most clever people she knows. “He has a unique way of seeing the world. I was really blessed that he always talked to me like a capable and intelligent adult, always sharing his thoughts and opinions with me. We can sit for hours and have long, deep conversions with each other. It’s a huge help when I have a problem and need a solution that no one else has thought of. My dad has helped me become a free-thinker.”

Her husband, too, keeps her motivated. “I somehow got so lucky to find a man who is 110% supportive of everything that I do,” she says. “He is my biggest cheerleader.”

As she grows in her career and continues her journey, it is those influences that keep her rooted to work philosophies she values— never settling, trusting herself, and matching her passions with her talents.

Scherer is thrilled to be a part of the tech industry and encourages other women to join her. “Women add invaluable insight to the technology industry,” she said. “And like my dad always says, ‘when a woman sets her mind to something you better get on board or get out of the way!’”

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