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Nexcess’ Marketing Specialist on finding a career in tech, how her family motivates her, and the motto that keeps her going.

Women in Technology - Devin Frachalla
“Be your unapologetic self, make big moves, and stay empowered. Know your value, your worth, and that your opinions matter.”

Devin Frachalla has loved tech since she was small. “It started with five-year-old me obsessively taking pictures of my cat, to eight-year-old me recording my own radio talk show on cassettes, followed by videotaping and editing many embarrassing YouTube skits in middle school,” she says. “I eventually tapped into coding with my Myspace profile, which all inspired my desire to get my degree in broadcasting and media design.”

Growing up as an only child (before becoming a big sister at 25), Frachalla spent a lot of time listening to music; bands like Coldplay, Pearl Jam, The Chicks, Smashing Pumpkins, and Jewel were her favorites. She also enjoyed singing karaoke—she even auditioned for American Idol. “In high school, I was in choir, musicals, and cheerleading where my 4’10” self would hold up girls in the air as a base,” she says. “I’m small but mighty!”

Born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago (“Go Cubs!”), she now lives in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan, where she has spent the past three years in the tech field. “My love for technology and marketing is how I ended up at Nexcess, which is part of the Liquid Web Family of Brands,” she says. Frachalla started at Nexcess in March 2020 as a Marketing Coordinator and transitioned into a Marketing Specialist role within a year. “I oversee our social media accounts, including planning, creating, and executing our social strategy, and maintaining our reputation management,” she says. “To keep up with the everchanging trends, I continuously educate myself in order to cultivate the social media content needed to represent our brand.”

Technology was always something Frachalla was interested in but was intimidated to pursue. “Working at Nexcess, I love that I can learn more about this industry and further my education with some talented folks. And to my surprise, technology isn’t just about being a developer. Technology is used in so many ways—from building an eCommerce store to producing a film, playing video games, coding websites, or even recording a podcast.”

One of Frachalla’s proudest accomplishments was being nominated for Liquid Web’s September 2021 Dewy Award, an award given to someone for their outstanding work. As a Dewy Winner, Liquid Web donates $1,000 to any charity of the nominee’s choice. “For me, not only was it a great feeling to be recognized for my work but also amazing to be able to donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,” she says. “JDRF was there for my baby sister in spring of 2021 when she was diagnosed with T1 diabetes, gifting her their Bag of Hope filled with information, goodies, and a stuffed bear that she’ll have to practice putting sites in and giving shots to before having to do it herself as she grows up.”

Family is essential to Frachalla, who credits her loved ones as the most influential in her career journey. “If it weren’t for having a very supportive, loving, and hard-working family to look up to,” she says, “I wouldn’t be where I am today. My parents are a great source of motivation for me. They had me at a young age and didn’t finish college. It was important for me to succeed in exchange for their hard work. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their love and support. Everything about me, I owe to them. Besides my parents playing a huge role in my success, I’d have to say my humble upbringing and education prepared me for the success I’ve had thus far.”

The motto that gets her through even the most difficult days is: You got this! “Whenever I encounter a long to-do list, have imposter syndrome, or feel overwhelmed with a task, I always amp myself up with: you got this!” It’s a motto she offers to young women considering a tech career. “From one young woman just starting in tech to another: you got this! Be your unapologetic self, make big moves, and stay empowered. Know your value, your worth, and that your opinions matter.”

Frachalla is excited about the future of women in tech. “I think we can expect great things for our future women techies! In a male-dominated industry, I work with more women now than I ever have at previous companies, which feels empowering. In these past few years, we’ve come so far with women in tech, and the workforce in general, that the next few years will be even better. So, if technology is something you love and enjoy learning about, just go for it! Don’t be intimidated or feel like you won’t make it because, in this day and age, there are plenty of opportunities!”

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