Windows Now Available On Our Revolutionary Storm Servers

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Host in a feature rich Windows environment with power & flexibility

As many discover the powerful features that Windows hosting enables, a number of our users have come forward and suggested adding the platform to our proprietary Storm Servers™. After an extensive re-engineering, we have answered the call and our users now can now choose Windows when deploying the power of a managed dedicated server along with the flexible, cloud-enabled options that Storm Servers™ provide.

Supported Software:

  • Windows 2008 64-bit
  • Parallels Plesk

Available Regions:

  • US West (Arizona)
  • US Central (MIchigan)

Launch a Windows Cloud Server Today

In addition to Windows’ robust feature set, our users will also experience the host of other advantages that come standard with Storm Servers™. The combination is sure to launch capabilities previously unimagined from Windows and Storm Servers™ users alike.

  • Deploy Windows and Linux Servers with the same platform
  • Advanced Networking & Load Balancing Made Easy
  • Industry-leading Management Console
  • Private Networking
  • Load Balancing
  • Deploy from Images
  • Save Images for Future Deployment
  • Automated Server Deployment on Demand
  • Multiple Geographic Regions Available
  • Scale from Storm Server™, to Storm SSD or Storm VPS™ on Demand

Windows Storm Server™ packages are available at competitive prices in both Liquid Web Hosting Regions, US West (Arizona) and US Central (Michigan), and on Storm SSD as well as Storm VPS™ server configurations. We now feature Windows 2008 R2 SP1 images that are ready to order with our Fully Managed, Core Managed and Self Managed options. As we constantly look to innovate and develop, we will continue adding exciting new features to Windows on Storm Server™.

Launch a Windows Cloud Server Today

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