Win $500 in Liquid Web DC3 Scavenger Hunt!

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Like a photo hunt with additional dimensions or a full-on Datacenter-wide scavenger hunt that you can do from the comfort of your computer chair; this interactive game you participate in by utilizing our DC3 Google Street View tour combines the best of both worlds. Participants can win $500, free hosting and an array of awesome prizes from the Liquid Web shop!

How to Play: Starting immediately, help us hunt down the items in our Google Street View tour by decoding the clues listed below. We will release 3 clues per day at 1:00 p.m., until Friday, April 26th, totalling to 12 clues. The winner will be announced after 5pm on Friday.

Day One Clues:

  1. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a fearsome aquatic predator!
  2. The guy who played Frank White celebrating Movember.
  3. A man who will never give you up or let you down.

Day Two Clues:

  1. Even sith lords need a break sometimes.
  2. Motor Trend’s 2011 ‘Truck of the Year’
  3. On the banks of the red cedar, there’s a hero known to all …

Day Three Clues:

  1. A man who would definitely approve of this:
  2. An umbrella won’t protect you from this kind of rain!
  3. Someone taking a break from the Caribbean.

Final Day Clues:

  1. Hanging commemoratives that very few Liquid Web Heroes have achieved.
  2. A Hero on the move.
  3. A Pushmepullyou split in two.

Check in each day this week at 1:00 p.m. for the next batch of clues!

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What’s Next?

  • Take the Liquid Web DC3 Google Street View tour and find what each above clue is looking for.
  • Each time you discover an item, take a screen-capture of it, add your username to the picture, and add a link to: in the photo description.
  • Post these pictures to your Facebook or Twitter account and tag Liquid Web. Don’t forget to add in the photo description!
  • Check in every day this week at 1:00 p.m. for the next batch of clues. The last batch of clues will be on released Friday, April 26th and the winner will be announced after 5pm.
  • The first individual that solves all 12 clues and posts unique screen capture picture answers from the Street View tour along with their username and a link to this blog post is the Grand Prize Winner of $500!!! The next 10 individuals to complete this task will receive $250 of free hosting. After these prizes are awarded, there will still be opportunities to win Liquid Web bucks you can use on great items from, so keep playing!

Rules & Regulations:

  • Screenshots posted must tag ‘Liquid Web, Inc’ on Facebook or @liquidweb on Twitter.
  • Submissions must include Liquid Web Brand Store username on the screenshot to be eligible to count as a completed item. If you do not have a username but wish to participate, please register at
  • Screenshots must also include a link to: in the photo description.
  • Winners will be notified of their winning submission via reply on Facebook or Twitter from Liquid Web.
  • The contest will begin at 1pm (Eastern) on April 23rd, 2013 and last until 5pm (Eastern) April 26th, 2013 or until we have awarded all of our prize packages.
  • Screenshots must not be repeats of any photos previously submitted to Liquid Web. All entries must be new and unique with YOUR username written on them.
  • Liquid Web employees and Employee family members are ineligible to win cash prizes or hosting credits.

Legal Disclaimer

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