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We are absolutely thrilled to have a devoted member of the WordPress community join our Liquid Web Leadership team. From the first moment I met Chris Lema, I was impressed. Impressed with his passion, his commitment and his product prowess. Most importantly, I admired how much care and commitment he has for the WordPress community. Understanding our customer and providing solutions that address key pain points is at the forefront of why Liquid Web exists. Web hosting providers don’t often take the time to get to know their customers, understand their problems and provide real solutions. We think it should be different. At Liquid Web, we have solidified our strategy and commitment to the web-dependent professional, small and medium businesses that are reliant on the web and the designers, developers and agencies who serve them.

I like to think we have some pretty smart people at Liquid Web, but we also know a lot of pretty smart people. In speaking with Liquid Web partner, Cory Miller from iThemes, we discussed Liquid Web’s future and what we needed to do to accomplish our goal to deliver the best WordPress experience in hosting. Recognizing our passion for the WordPress community, Cory encouraged us to get to know Chris. In our initial conversations, we spoke particularly about where he envisions WordPress going in the next few years. There was lots of engaged discussion around our Liquid Web strategy to simplify the hosting experience while seamlessly optimizing performance of the services that power mission critical websites. And if you know Chris, you can imagine the energy around Liquid Web’s cultural goal to be the most helpful humans in hosting. Chris expressed a lot of interest in what we’re doing at Liquid Web and it became obvious that his insights aligned with our vision.

This prompted the creation of Chris’ new leadership role in Products and Innovation at Liquid Web.

This role will utilize Chris’ 20+ years of experience in software and product development experience. We are extremely lucky to have his expertise and knowledge. Chris is a born leader and is able to inspire greatness in others. Our goal with Chris is to combine impact and influence to bring desired solutions to our customers and the WordPress ecosystem as a whole.

If you haven’t yet, check out Chris’ daily blog and ebooks for just a glimpse into how intelligent and talented this guy is. Reach out and offer congratulations to Chris on Twitter (@ChrisLema) and follow Liquid Web (@LiquidWeb) for future updates.

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