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Why VMware Private Cloud? Who Is The Solution Built For?

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VMware is named for the concept of virtual machines (VM). They develop some of the best virtualization software on the market today. VMware Private Cloud solutions are the go-to enterprise infrastructure at Liquid Web. They are efficient, reliable, and incredibly secure – all essential features for a private cloud provider. 

What Is VMware Private Cloud?

VMware Private Cloud is a hosting option where a single entity or end-user has sole access to a clustered server environment designated for cloud computing. As the organization uses the cloud, they either own and maintain the server infrastructure outright or gain access to it via a third party. However, no matter who owns the device, it is exclusively reserved for their use. The company doesn’t share the server with the provider’s other clients, having complete authority (indeed, sole responsibility) to manage and maintain the server remotely. 

VMware Private Cloud solutions offer all of that, but with the bonus of their experience in virtualization. 

Who Is VMware Ideal For? 

VMware specializes in meeting the needs of businesses that need greater control over their cloud solutions but aren’t big enough to make owning their server farm or maintaining a top-notch server maintenance crew practical. You could be in the market for VMware Private Cloud solutions if you need all of the control and security of a private cloud but also want the convenience and affordability of third-party hosting on a set of virtual machines. 

High Resource Demands

VMware’s solutions offer dedicated server space, so there is never any question of whether all of the server’s resources are available to you at a nanosecond’s notice. You’re not sharing the VM with anyone. 

Sensitive Data

VMware solutions are also great if you need cloud access to sensitive data. Balancing the need for ultra-easy access for authorized users and denying it entirely to hackers and cybercriminals is tricky. Luckily, VMware is an expert. 

Increased Development

One of the best reasons to run a virtual machine setup is to foster your software development and testing abilities. Their dynamic and hyper-efficient resource allocation alone could give you just the boost you need. 

Benefits of VMware Private Cloud

What makes VMware Private Cloud solutions so special, then? Simply put, you occupy the entire server, regardless of how much of its capacity you consume. This alone makes a private cloud environment much more secure than a public one. It will also be tuned exclusively for your use, so it will generally deliver better real-world performance. 

Reduce Operation Costs

VMware’s specialty is virtualization and freeing the computing workload from the hardware. They make private cloud solutions affordable to many businesses for whom non-virtualized private clouds would be out of reach. Look, getting cloud hosting cheaper is easy. Getting good quality, secure private cloud hosting at a good price is rare. 

Third-Party Providers

Because you use third-party providers, you get to use the services of true experts without assuming all the costs of assembling, training, and even housing such a team alone. Unless you have enough work to keep a world-class team busy all by yourself, going to a third party is usually the more efficient option. The fact that so many of the best third-party infrastructure and hosting providers swear by VMware’s virtualization solutions is a further vote of confidence. 

Data Center Management

VMware’s software solutions make managing private, hybrid, and multi-cloud servers easy, so your in-house team doesn’t have to be rock stars. If they are, even better – a rock star sounds better on the best equipment. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you’re running VMware virtualization solutions on your in-house server, in a private data center, or on third-party infrastructure. It will be slick, efficient, and easy to manage. 

Predictable Performance

The last thing you want in the IT world is unexpected or unpredictable results. Especially in the context of testing, unreliable virtualization tools can torpedo a development project. But you won’t have that kind of trouble with a VMware Private Cloud. VMware virtualized private cloud environments are rock-solid in that regard, so you always know what to expect. 

Regulatory Governance

Lastly, using VMware’s private cloud solutions makes governance and regulatory compliance easy. You have total control over 100% of your data. No one else can access it. This is ideal if you need to provide cloud access to data with high expectations of security and professionalism attached. 

What Is Virtualization?

In this context, we’re talking about running a virtual private cloud that is physically hosted within a public cloud server but is running virtually on its isolated hardware platform. This system relies on VMware’s virtualization software to sequester your cloud from anyone else’s data. You have the best parts of a private cloud – absolute control and responsibility for your data – but at a much more approachable price point. 

What Is Private Cloud Architecture?

In short, a private cloud is your isolated server environment. Wherever it is located and run, your organization maintains total control over everything on your private cloud, and only you have responsibility for maintaining it.

Final Thoughts

VMware private cloud solutions are among the best on the market today, specifically for their virtualization solutions' speed, efficiency, and security. These make the system very resilient, easy to run, and affordable, no matter whether the infrastructure is in-house or third-party. 

If you’d like to determine whether VMware Private Cloud is the right solution for your business or project, one of Liquid Web’s Most Helpful Humans In Hosting® would be happy to steer you in the right direction. Contact us today.