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Upgrading The Liquid Web Network

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As a part of our commitment to Heroic Support® and excellent customer service, we are constantly working to improve the infrastructure, network, and power systems that support our data centers. To that end, we’re in the middle of some big updates to our network, including increased capacity across all layers and new hardware. These improvements, to be fully complete later this summer, will go a long way toward ensuring our customers receive the highest quality network performance with zero interruptions to their connectivity.

From its conception, our network was designed with an emphasis on redundancy, allowing the system to self-heal from failures and preventing interruptions to connectivity. We’re continuing to focus on redundancy and our overall capacity with the many updates we are implementing. Our recent updates include doubling our fiber lines for increased capacity, updating our routers and cores, and increasing capacity between our own data centers.

The Liquid Web NetworkUpdates to Liquid Web’s Network Include:

  • Doubled Connections from Chicago
  • Doubled Fiber Lines from all our Network Providers
  • Upgraded Border Routers to Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 2Ts
  • Upgraded Core Hardware to Nexus 7000 Series
  • Increased Capacity Between Data Centers
  • Added Two Transport Connections Each from Level 3 & US Signal

The increased capacity made available with these updates will allow us to provide faster and more secure service to all of our customers. This is in addition to the incredible speed and astounding aggregate connectivity we were already reaching with more than 85,000 networks just a single network away from our uplinks. Not to mention, our multi-tiered network has always been at least N+1 redundant, with state-of-the-art Cisco routing and switching equipment, and redundant power. With those features, it’s obvious that our network at Liquid Web was already a high quality and fully redundant system, but we settle for nothing but the absolute best for our customers as we continue to improve all of our systems and services.

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