Update on Recent DDoS Attack

As of today, August 7, 2014 – Your Cloud Sites by Rackspace team would like to provide you an update regarding an issue in our Cloud Sites environment.

First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience you may have been experiencing over the last couple days and would like to explain in further detail the issue and what we are doing to mitigate it.

Since 5 August 2014 at approximately 16:29 CDT, a portion of our DFW Cloud Sites infrastructure has been experiencing a series of intermittent network interruptions as a result of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) targeting a Cloud Sites customer with political content relating to the conflicts between Israel and Palestine.

This customer is no longer hosted with Rackspace. However, the DDoS initially targeted an IP and then grew to an IP block on Cloud Sites which has resulted in this ongoing malicious traffic.

Rackspace has a series of mitigation steps used to remediate these types of attacks. However, customers behind the affected IP block may still continue to experience periods of network latency and packet loss. This network latency will result in customers experiencing intermittent site performance, site inaccessibility, timeouts, or slow load times.

Our engineers have the targeted IP addresses behind our mitigation systems and are customizing the rule sets to block malicious traffic while permitting legitimate traffic to pass. As mentioned above there are instances where some legitimate traffic may be inadvertently tagged as malicious and our engineers are actively working toward minimizing this impact.

Due to the nature of this issue, we are unable to provide a definitive time for complete resolution. We thank you for your continued patience and will continue to provide updates, as new information is available.

Cloud Sites understands that uptime is the most important aspect of your Cloud services.  We truly appreciate your patience and understanding of this matter. In addition to receiving an update to your support ticket, our customers can also check or monitor our system status page at: https://status.rackspace.com/ . This URL is the best way to receive information about any potential service issues.

Best Regards,

Rackspace Cloud Sites

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