These Two Things Helped Us Create Our Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

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Written by: AJ Morris, Product Manager
These Two Things Helped Us Create Our Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting
Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting is a highly optimized, extremely reliable managed WordPress service that comes preconfigured with the latest technologies to stand up to high traffic loads and serve your favorite e-commerce plugin out of the box. … And today, it’s about to get better!

Performance Updates Now … A New Managed WordPress Coming Soon

While we have been hard at work on our new Managed WordPress hosting platform (for which you can sign up to be a part of the beta), we are excited today to tell you about some performance improvements we’ve been working on with our existing product offering.

Before I talk about the updates, I want to tell you a story.

As you know, we’re cPanel experts. We’ve been using it since 1997 and have a staff of 400+ support professionals well-versed in it … basically, we know cPanel. Recently one of our Heroic Support professionals was helping a customer improve the performance of their server.

Now, I’m trying not to brag, but I’ve never seen a more determined group of people working to assist every one of a company’s customers. This individual, however, helped increase the speed of this customer’s website by 10x without doing anything but modifying the way Apache was configured on our Managed WordPress cPanel product. Of course, the customer was extremely happy. Our Heroic Support admin realized he had been helping customers with this exact same thing for weeks – that’s when he came over to the product team.

As the admin explained all the configuration changes he made to multiple customers servers over the last couple of weeks, we decided we needed to do some further testing to determine if it would work for all of our customers. After several weeks of testing, we’re excited to announce that we’re releasing the following features this week.

Faster Apache, Fastest WordPress Hosting

Our Managed WordPress Hosting is built on top of cPanel and Softaculous, systems our customers are familiar with. Now, like the story of our support admin helping customers, our development team helped all of our customers by scripting the templates to create faster servers by default. We’re rolling out these improvements to all new Managed WordPress server instances this week and current customers will receive these improvements over the next couple of days.

Exactly what improvements, you ask? Well, first we enabled mod_cache. Mod_cache allows us to set up an added layer of caching to improve site load time and server response time with a few small tweaks. When this is added to our already custom set of PageSpeed rules, we’re able to see a 10x speed improvement for all of our customers! So if you thought we were already fast, you’ll think we are blazing fast now!

To give you an idea, we spun up two servers, one without mod_cache installed and active, and one with mod_cache installed and active. We then used Apache Benchmark, a common performance benchmarking tool, and we saw a 300% increase in the number of responses per second, and a 280% increase in response time!
Managed WordPress Speed Improvement - 300% More Requests per Second
Managed WordPress Speed Improvement - 280% Increased Response Time

Managed WordPress Lives on More Powerful Servers

That’s not all, though! One of the biggest pieces of feedback we received over the last couple of months was how we were limited to just Storm VPS instances. With that in mind, we decided to open up our Managed WordPress hosting to Storm Dedicated servers as well.

Our Storm Dedicated servers were just recently updated and refreshed with newer CPUs and RAM offerings. This has been wildly successful and we’re ready to offer it to our Managed WordPress customers. As we’ve always tried to set our customers up for success, we’ve updated our higher-end offerings in our Managed WordPress lineup and replaced the Storm VPS with Storm Dedicated servers. Best of all, we’re keeping the prices the same!

Let us know what you think!

We’re excited to announce these two new features today and hope you find the speed improvements to help you load your sites even faster. We also look forward feedback as we continue to expand our Managed WordPress hosting to our Storm Dedicated server lineup. And if you want to take a sneak peak into what we’ve got cooking for later this year, make sure to sign up to learn more about our upcoming new Managed WordPress platform.

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