Three Web Trends That Will Shape 2017

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Three Web Trends That Will Shape 2017
The New Year is now in full swing, and it seems the perfect time to think about how things might soon change in the web space. 2016 was, after all, a momentous year for the web, both on the development side and the marketing side. Mobile optimization and graphic media rose to the fore of everyone’s mind, social content ousted traditional journalism as a vital news source, mobile apps began to overtake websites in popularity, and voice-controlled assistants thoroughly disrupted search.

Many of these web trends will continue into 2017. However, there are a number of new changes that you should also make yourself aware of. By understanding these developments, you will ensure that you are well-equipped for the year ahead.

Cloud Use Will Increase – As Will Cloud Security

From load balancing to automated CRM, cloud computing’s prominence will continue to rise in 2017. Following a year of devastating and disturbing data breaches, providers across the board will take a much more serious look at cloud security. Their efforts will pay off, though most analysts are not entirely clear on the specifics of how.

The one thing they seem to agree on is that security will improve – and that it will, in many cases, be better than what you could hope for with an on-premises system.

Mobile Apps Will Begin Ramping Down

With the currently-explosive popularity of mobile applications, it seems odd to consider that they might start dying out. However, that is precisely what will happen in 2017 – at least to a small extent. While apps will no doubt remain important to online presence for many organizations, Gartner predicts that by 2019, 20% of brands will abandon their mobile apps in favor of web apps that offer similar functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Through Ad Blocking, Advertising Will Improve

It is no secret that content creators are currently engaged in a sort of tug-of-war with ad blocking organizations. On the one hand, blocking ads cuts off a considerable source of revenue for many sites. On the other, ad networks have a long history of being ill-secured, unscrupulous, or otherwise intrusive to the browsing experience.

Efforts to address this problem range from walling off users with ad-blocking software to simply asking people to disable their ad-blockers. In 2017, these efforts will grow increasingly creative. Through collaboration with advertisers and adblock developers, a new breed of creative, unobtrusive advertising will surface in 2017, improving the overall effectiveness of web advertising by 50% by 2019.

Keep an Eye Out for These 2017 Web Trends

2016 was a big year for the web. 2017 promises to be even more of a game-changer. The trends outline above are just a few of the most prominent. If you can call to mind one that you feel should be added to this list, let us know in the comments!

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