Liquid Web's Support Team stands between your infrastructure and what's out there. We monitor your servers, mitigate risk, optimize performance, and are available 24/7/365. Discover why we're The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting™.

How to Provide Exceptional IT Customer Support

Ready to provide exceptional IT customer support? Find out what tech support is, the difference between technical support vs customer service, and examples.
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The Five Habits Of Highly Effective SysAdmins

Often, the best way to improve is to study people who’ve already figured it out. Let’s take a look at what all the best sysadmins seem to have in common.
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Celebrating Customer Relationships: Our 5 Favorite Customer Support Stories

To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, we wanted to share our favorite five customer stories where we made someone's day!
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Uniting Engineers Across the World

Liquid Web is proud to host crazyengineers.com, one of the largest and most successful idea exchanges for engineers globally.
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What is a Database?

We explore what databases are, why they are important, and which database may be right for you when looking for the next hosting solution.
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Our Dedicated Monitoring Team Provides Proactive Server Management

The sonar monitoring team at Liquid Web is always proactively watching our customers' servers for small problems before they grow into major issues.
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Preferred Partners: Duplika Internet Solutions

Duplika Internet Solutions is a preferred Reseller for Liquid Web and has been for many years. See what makes our Reseller program different.
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