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What is GPU vs CPU?

Graphics Processing Units, or GPUs, are great at running demanding scientific or mathematical research. See the difference between a GPU vs CPU.
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Are You Monitoring Performance On Your Cloud Server?

The cloud is a powerful tool - but it’s not something you can just set up and forget. Use this advice to help you monitor performance on your cloud server.
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7 Ways to Improve Page Load Time on WordPress – and Prove It to Your Clients!

Decreasing page load time is a quick, value-added service you can do for your clients to set them up for success and increase conversions.
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6 Ways to Optimize Images On Your Website

Make sure you’re properly optimizing images for the web to avoid slowing down your site by paying attention to format, size, resolution, & file names.
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Cloud Dedicated SSD: Our Most Powerful Servers Just Got Faster

By introducing SSD to our line of Cloud Dedicated servers we have set the industry benchmark for I/O speeds, eclipsing our previous record.
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5 Reasons Why You Need a Bare Metal Server

Find out the five reasons why you need a bare metal server, the benefits and advantages of using bare metal, and more from Liquid Web.
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Bare Metal vs Virtual Server Hosting: A Comparison

Between a bare metal vs virtual server, which is better for your business? Liquid Web lays out the advantages and disadvantages of each.
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