Storm SSD: Our Most Powerful Servers Just Got Faster

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Our proprietary Storm Servers™ have already developed a strong reputation for blending the power of managed dedicated hosting with the flexibility of the cloud. Now imagine that power, only even faster and more reliable. This is the reality of our new solid state storage Storm Servers™! By introducing SSD to our new line of Storm Servers™ we have set the industry benchmark for I/O speeds, eclipsing our own record held by 96GB Storm Servers™

Benefits of Storm SSD

  • Unrivaled database performance
  • High I/O performance, eliminating starved CPU states
  • Eliminate “bottleneck” effect
  • Increased power, speed and performance
  • Full redundancy
  • Reduced I/O queues

Storm SSD raises the ceiling of what was previously considered “fast” in any line of servers. In a recent benchmarking test, Storm SSD 12GB performed 4K Sequential Write at 225,000 IOPS. By contrast, an 8GB Storm Server performed the test at 15,000 IOPS with Amazon EC2 m1.large cloud clocking in at 4,900. This is the level of performance our users will come to expect from a product designed to use the lowest possible server load and maximize your performance.

Complete Test Results:

EC2 m1.large
Storm VPS 8GB12GB Storm SSD
4K Sequential Write4,900 IOPS15,000 IOPS225,000 IOPS
4K Sequential Read7,800 IOPS28,000 IOPS475,000 IOPS
4K Random Write265 IOPS204 IOPS20,000 IOPS
4K Random Read210 IOPS700 IOPS35,000 IOPS
Testing performed using iozone3_398 with the following command line options on each server instance:
iozone -l 32 -O -i 0 -i 1 -i 2 -e -+n -r 4K -s 4G
EC2 m1.large
Storm VPS 8GB12GB Storm SSD
Sequential Write36MB/s110MB/s900 MB/s
Sequential Read33MB/s150MB/s1,900 MB/s
Random Write1.5MB/s1.6MB/s77 MB/s
Random Read1.1MB/s2.4MB/s142 MB/s
Testing performed using iozone3_398 with the following command line options on each server instance:
iozone -l 32 -i 0 -i 1 -i 2 -e -+n -r 4K -s 2G

The marriage of dedicated power, cloud flexibility and SSD’s unmatched speed creates an environment that virtually eliminates the “bottleneck” effect of inbound and outbound data and offers our users a previously unavailable performance. This is an entirely unique hosting environment that stands as a new go-to solution for users utilizing frequently accessed information, large read-intensive databases, and any other enterprise application in which the lightning fast read/write speeds in a flexible, high-performance environment will distinguish your project from the pack.

Product & Pricing Information


The pricing, listed in the table above, is competitive and commensurate to the Highest Performance hosting products in the market. We can’t wait to witness the new level of performance our users will achieve with this exciting new feat in hosting!

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