6 Signs You've Outgrown Your Web Hosting

Six signs you've outgrown your web hosting plan

Very few people stick with the same site hosting plan throughout their business’s lifetime. In the same way that a child may outgrow a pair of shoes or a shirt, your business can outgrow a hosting package. If you learn to recognize the early signs that it is time for something bigger and better, you can make the upgrade seamlessly, and with as little downtime as possible.

Your Website Is Horribly Slow (And Optimization Does Not Help)

A slow website can be as much of a revenue killer as one that does not work at all — if not more so. This has been well-established. If, during testing, you notice that your site is not responding as quickly as it should (and you have already addressed any potential bottlenecks), this could be a sign that your current hosting plan cannot keep up with your traffic demands.