Pairing a Powerful Reseller Plugin with Private VPS Parent

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If you’re a web hosting reseller and you haven’t taken advantage of our latest product release that marries the easy-to-use WHMCS plugin with our feature-laden Private VPS Parent or VPS Hosting, then you may be missing out.

Our WHMCS plugin allows resellers to integrate their accounts with our Cloud Platform API and provides them with the capability to easily resell our Cloud services. Since its release, we’ve received an abundance of positive feedback from our customers that were already enjoying the many benefits of our Reseller program. The addition of the powerful WHMCS plugin to their reselling business not only simplified their operations but also enhanced their customer relations.
One of the early adopters of the plugin, Tecknologics, has been grateful for the ease of use and the positive feedback they’ve seen from their customers.

“We started using the Private VPS Parent and Cloud Billing WHMCS plugins when they were first released,” said Tecknologics CEO Balaji Sankaranarayanan. “Since then, the happiest moments for us have been when our clients praised their ability to order, monitor, and manage their cloud instance easily, along with other services they avail from us. Your plugins have really taken the stress off our shoulders. Now that we have effortless deployment of server resources, we are able to focus more on sales and support.”

The benefits for Resellers of using the WHMCS plugin alongside our Private VPS Parent are multitudinous and include the ability to:

  • Automate deployment of VPS instances
  • Customize hosting packages and instance sizes
  • Maximize profit with integrated billing and price control

In addition, as Tecknologics discovered, customers of resellers will have much more autonomy with their hosting accounts. These benefits come with the already present benefit our basic WHMCS plugin, which allows customers of resellers to deploy/restart/restore server, automate cancellation requests, manage domains, automate emails and billing, and integrate merchants to Paypal and other tools.

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