Privately Owned Data Centers Provide Better Uptime

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Liquid Web's Privately Owned Data CentersOwning rather than leasing our core data centers allows us to have control over every possible factor of our operating environment, from something as simple as who can access the data center to the more complex decisions of what type of equipment to use. We know our customers can’t afford downtime, and it is our wholly-owned data centers that helped us achieve 99.995% uptime in 2013. Within each of our privately-owned data centers, we have carefully engineered our cooling, power, and networking systems to create an environment ideal for fast, secure and reliable server performance. In short, by owning our data centers not only can we provide the most reliable hosting and unparalleled uptime to our customers, but we are also better prepared to handle any issues when they do occur.

  • Maintaining a Secure Environment

    Keeping your data secure is one of our biggest priorities. Owning our data centers allows us to control who has access to the facility where your sensitive data is stored. We restrict access to authorized employees only. In addition, we maintain an on-site security staff who not only monitor our security footage, but also patrol all of our buildings.

  • Custom Designed Power, Cooling, & Networking Systems

    Each of our power, networking, and cooling systems were custom designed to provide the best performance, eliminating unwanted downtime at all costs. Our high level of control over the design and setup of these systems, enables us to control the timing and duration of maintenance windows, easily retrofit or make improvements, and provides fast access if emergency maintenance is needed. We focus on redundancy in each of our power, cooling and networking systems:

    1. Power:

      To ensure your hosting operations are always online, our N+1 power systems have fault tolerance built into every layer and are supported by multiple emergency generators waiting on standby.

    2. Cooling:

      With our redundant cooling units, we are able to precisely regulate both the temperature and humidity in each data center for optimal performance.

    3. Networking:

      Our data centers have redundant fiber lines from our Tier-1 premium bandwidth providers in addition to redundant equipment, such as switches and routers. Focusing on redundancy throughout the system allows it to rapidly self heal failures without interrupting your connectivity.

  • Utilizing Space for On-Site Support

    When we build a data center, we always include significant space for on-site support staff. Not only does it make logistical sense for us to share the space in that manner, but most importantly it provides our Heroic Support® employees with instant access to the servers they are working on, letting them solve your issues that much faster. With our support technicians in the same building as your server, you can experience fast server setups, 30 minute hardware replacement guarantees, as well as equally fast and effective diagnostics.

  • Dependable, Long-Term Facility

    At Liquid Web, we’re in our buildings for the long haul, and that means your server is too. Your server will never need to be moved to a new facility because of lease complications. Because we own our data centers, your server will stay right where it was put.

Every decision when designing, building, and adding servers to our data centers is made with one goal in mind – providing reliable web hosting and unparalleled uptime to our customers in a secure and stable environment. Heroic Support® isn’t limited to our support staff, it starts at the foundation of our company – and the very foundation of our data centers. Our privately-owned, custom-designed, secure buildings ensure you receive the best and most reliable performance possible – and don’t have to deal with unwanted downtime.

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