How to Decide What Projects to Place in Your WordPress Portfolio

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Creating a portfolio is one of the hardest things for a WordPress agency or freelance designer or developer to do because they have to evaluate their own work and make decisions about what to feature—and they’re not sure what to put in the portfolio and what to leave out.

If you do any type of creating work or offer client services, your portfolio and/or case studies are critical parts of your conversion funnel. In fact, your portfolio is going to be one of the most highly-trafficked parts of your website.

But how do you decide your portfolio strategy? Do you add everything you have ever done? Do you pick and choose? Do you only include the most recent projects?

Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Here are the four types of projects you need to include in your portfolio strategy.

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Projects With Outstanding Testimonials

While you can tell prospects that you’re talented, reliable, and great to work with, it’s a whole lot more impactful when those sentiments come from a third-party who has already hired you and traveled the path your prospective client is interested in traveling.

Testimonials and endorsements from past and current WordPress clients are fantastic sales tools and they hold an even greater significance when paired with a case study about their project and screenshots of your work.

Projects You Want More Of

Every service provider at some point has worked with a nightmare client or on a nightmare project, and when it was over said, “I never want a client like that again,” or “I never want a project like that again!” Likewise, you’ve probably also had dream clients and amazing projects that leave you wishing every client and project could be just like that one.

When deciding your portfolio strategy, focus on those that are representative of the work you want to and the type of clients you want to have.

Projects For Recognizable Brands

When you hear the term “recognizable brand,” you automatically think of brands like Starbucks, BMW, Disney, Apple, Nike, and Chipotle. If you work with clients like that, those projects definitely need to go in your portfolio. 

It’s also important to remember that there are other types of recognizable brands—like authority figures, thought leaders, and other well-known people. For example, if you completed a project for someone your niche or audience knows, respects, and follows, including their project in your portfolio strategy would elevate your positioning in the eyes of your audience.

Projects That Demonstrate Expertise

It’s important to work on projects that push the limits of your current skill level and allow you to expand your experience and expertise. Sometimes WordPress agencies and freelancers even lower their rates to win a project they normally wouldn’t take just to gain experience or be able to demonstrate expertise in a specific area.

When clients are reviewing your portfolio, they are seeing if they like you and your style and they are looking for examples of your skills and experience. For example, if a client is interested in working with you to build a membership site, they are going to look for a membership site in your portfolio.

Put Together an Amazing Portfolio

Remember the following when creating your portfolio strategy:

  1. Pick projects with outstanding testimonials
  2. Pick projects that demonstrate the kind of work you want to do more of
  3. Pick projects from recognizable brands
  4. Pick projects that demonstrate your existing or desired expertise
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